Dragon Ball Abridged To End Soon


Fans love their materials like anything and most of the time could actually do a better job than the Creators. It is because of the concept of fandom, people are so in touch with each other about the things they like or love about the show, that if you want to re create it you should just give a peek in their Twitter conversation and you will find your answers easily. That is what Sonic The Hedgehog did when they retracted their movie literally postponed it after getting a bad reaction for their first trailer. This heeding to opinions gave paramount their biggest hit of the season which set the record for the highest grossing opener for a video game based movie.

Fans know better. This saying is also reiterated in the Dragon Ball Z fandom as fans have literally come together to create it’s most epic adaptation called Dragon Ball Z abridged, in which a handful of fans came together and formed a formidable group called Team Blue Star, which proceeded to give us a parody of the manga. They introduced a lot of fun elements in it, venturing into comedy a little bit.

But as the series went on it became a worthy or maybe the best adaptation as it did what the original series failed to. It remained loyal to the original content and also avoided what makes the original anime in a lot of fans’ opinion dragging. They have no fillers, which the original anime has  gained a speciality in.

The series as the main manga deals with Goku and his allies fighting with various sources to maintain peace. But the web format of this series not only fills the characters even the minor ones with more zest and passion bit also increases the intensity of everything by their grittiness.

The series will end soon as the Creators don’t want to proceed beyond. But their work from the Saiyan Saga has been nothing short of epic.


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