60+ Donald Trump Jokes That Are So Amazing

funny donald trump jokes

Want to know more about another genre of jokes? Well here it is! Donald Trump Jokes also called Black Humor have the potential to make us laugh or think in various dimensions! Not alone that, they also offer great comic relief at times of need!

If your quest is centered upon jokes that can make you realize facts and truth with a twist, Donald Trump Jokes is what you should need! Presenting 60 + Donald Trump Jokes That Are So Amazing to read for great comical relief and joy!

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In the wake of visiting Canada for a gathering of the G7, Donald Trump commented that it was ‘an extremely extraordinary abroad trip’. Trump was pleased to hear on TV that Mexico were at long last building a divider. Shockingly Trump doesn’t generally comprehend the World Cup. Donald Trump has a dread of descending inclines. Especially his endorsement rating.

Dominic Frisby

An on-screen character, a columnist and entertainer stroll into a bar. What’s more, they all slag off Donald Trump.

Specialist, Doctor!F*** off, Trump.

What number of entertainers does it take to change a lightbulb?87. One to change the light, and the other 86 to slag off Donald Trump.

Olaf Falafel

In the event that steeds are estimated in hands, Donald Trump must have the greatest ponies on the planet.

A monkey hitting keys indiscriminately on a  for a boundless measure of opportunity will in the long run think of crafted by Shakespeare, so all Donald Trump actually should be viewed as one of the incomparable US presidents is an unending measure of time and a monkey that can type.

Sid Singh

Trump acquitting insane, conservative, Indian American Dinesh D’Souza is both the most delightful thing he’s at any point accomplished for one Indian individual and the meanest thing he’s at any point done to all of us.

Breaking! Trump to haul out of Iran bargain. Like with the vast majority and things that he hauls out of, his legal counselor Michael Cohen is to pay quiet cash before long.

Individuals are frantic that Trump needs to be President forever, however dependent on his eating regimen that just means two years rather than four.

Donald Trump needs to arm educators, which is insane, in such a case that Donald Trump’s instructors had been furnished, we most likely wouldn’t need to get his inept thoughts on this issue.

Hope these Donald Trump Jokes made you feel better and at the same time gave you the laugh spills!

What is Donald Trump telling all his supporters?
Orange Is The New Black.

best donald trump jokes

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What did Donald Trump say to the birthday boy?
“Let me see your birth certificate”.

donald trump jokes

What is Donald Trump “really” trying to do?
Make America Hate Again.

famous donald trump jokes

Why can’t Donald Trump be a Lannister?
Because he never pays his debts.

funny donald trump jokes

Why does Donald Trump take Xanax?
For Hispanic attacks.

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Trump: “Foreign Policy?, if you mess with the United States, there will be hell toupee.”

How is Donald Trump going to shut down the Department of Education?
By renaming it Trump University.

If minorities have the race card and women have the gender card, what do rednecks have?
The Trump Card

Have you seen the new HGTV show about the Whitehouse makeover?
It’s called “Trump It or Dump It”.

Why shouldn’t Donald Trump rag on illegal immigrants?
Because an undocumented worker has been living on his head for the past 2 decades!

El Chapo only escaped from prison to have a “talk” with Trump.

If you’re black you literally have to be a brain surgeon to get a Trump cabinet post.

What does Melania see in Donald Trump?
“Ten billion dollars and high cholesterol!”

Now that Macy’s has severed ties, with Donald Trump, how can the average American look like the President?
By hunting and killing their own hair piece.

Why is Donald Trump always seen with Melania?
Because all his other wives support Hillary.

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Fear is the Path to the dark side. Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, and Hate leads to the Republican Nomination.

Trump: “It’s not a toupee, I just found the Bush that Jeb lost.”

What is Donald Trumps biggest dilemma now that he’s president?
Finding a cabinet position for the thing on his head!

What is the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” about?
All the places Donald Trump has bank accounts.

What did Donald Trump do before criticizing illegals?
He made sure his pools were clean and his lawns were mowed.

Which 2 food groups make up Donald Trumps diet?
Meat and Democrats!

How does Donald Trump plan on deporting 12 million illegal immigrants?
Juan by Juan.

What do you call a movie about Donald Trump, Bernie Madoff, and Kenneth Lay?
The League of Extraordinary Con Men.

What do you call a public servant who doesn’t take crap from Republicans or Democrats?
Donald Trump.

What airline does Donald Trump aspire to fly?
Hair Force One!

What did rural America tell Donald Trump?
You’re Hired.

How do you know Donald Trump is talking to you?
Cause your the only one Hair.

Why should we call the President, Donald “Duck” Trump?
Because you better duck when he’s pissed.

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What does Donald Trump say when he can’t find his Viagra?
“The erection is rigged!”

Where’s Donald Trump’s favorite place to shop?

Why doesn’t Melania Trump want to be the first lady?
Because she would have to move into a smaller house.

What did the Donald tell an illegal immigrant who was trying to put out a fire at Trump Tower? No way Hose A. How do you make Halloween great again? By carving a Trumpkin.

Why does Donald Trump prefer E.T. to illegal immigrants?
Because E.T. eventually went home!

What do Donald Trump and a baby have in common?
They both whine alot!

Why does Trump love the poorly educated?
Because they only know their ABCs “Anybody But Clinton”.

El Chapo has offered $100 million dollars for Trumps body, dead or alive.
I guess that finally answers the question about how much Donald Trump is actually worth.

What do you see when you look into Trump’s eyes?
Answer: The back of his head.

What do you call a musician in a MAGA hat?
A trumpeteer

What’s the difference between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan?
If Trump gets Alzheimers his IQ will go up.

What do you call the Michael Moore film about Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Joe Arpaio?
Three Ami-egos.

What do you call a Disney Princess that supports Donald Trump?
Snow White Supremacist.

How is Donald Trump going to create middle class jobs?
By paying them to cheer for him during campaign events.

Why does the Donald sleep with a potato in his briefs?
Because he want to wake up some day as America’s First Dictator.

How do you know the economy is only getting worse?
On the latest episode of “Celebrity Apprentice”, Donald Trump fired himself!

Why can’t you compare Donald Trump to cancer?
Because sometimes you can get rid of cancer.

What does GOP stand for?
Grabs Our Pussy.

Why is everyone so upset?
Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again………For the One Percent

Why doesn’t Donald Trump sweat like Marco Rubio?
Because he has such yuuuuge fans!

Why are Muslims worried about Trumps immigration plans?
Once you deport Juan you deport Jamal.

What is Donald Trumps campaign slogan?
“A complex world demands complex hair.”

Whats Donald Trump’s favorite nation?

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How does Donald Trump intend to spice up the Republican Convention?
By relocating it to a casino!

Humpty Trumpty wants a great wall.
Humpty Trumpty wants Mexico to pay for it all.

What’s the only difference between Donald Trump and Bozo the Clown?
Bozo The Clown has real hair on his head.

What is Donald Trumps favorite song?
ICE ICE Baby……

Why does Donald Trump feel he can understand the average man and become president?
“When Trump bangs a supermodel, he closes his eyes and imagines he’s jerking off.”

What do Donald Trump, Dale Earnhardt & Pink Floyd have in common?

Me: This election is about picking the lesser of two evils.
Trump Supporter: When I have to choose between two evils I always pick the one I’ve never tried.

What’s the difference between Donald Trump and a sewage plant?
Nothing they’re both full of shit!.

How do you know you’re reading one of Donald Trumps books?
It starts on Chapter 11.

Can I tell you a joke about the wall?
Never mind you won’t get over it.


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