Does Birds Of Prey Hate Men?


Birds of Prey did not do well at the Box Office. Though there is still opportunity to break even and earn a profit. The truth of the matter is that even after being critically lauded it did not nt money. What could be the reason behind it? It’s predecessor. Honestly yes Suicide Squad was not good but it still earned a lot and it wasn’t like it was flagged by the fandom. No, that was not the case. If it was like that then it would have become a flop. Fans did like some elements of it like Harley Quinn and Deathshot. Quinn was the breakout character of the movie. And if that was the case then Aquaman or Wonder woman should not have worked as they were also attached to the unfortunate Justice League. The problem was different and very hypocritical. This problem makes people negatively rate a movie even before it releases like in the case of Captain Marvel. There is a certain section of comic fans, a small but vocal section that does not like to see woman in garb of superheroes. There have been arguments made that why should men go and watch a movie which propagates the message that it hates men.

But that is so far from the truth. Men are not hated her, but the bad people are. And it is just that those bad people are male. And it is not something unique to this movie. Predominantly the gender of villains has always been male. But it was never an issue because the people defeating them were males. But here it is the females.

The movie mainly deals with the negative societal structure of Gotham. Gotham has always been so integral to Batman comics. The place has a character of its own and movies make or break by their portrayal. Gotham is dark. The reason there are so many villains here which are favourites in the fandom is because the nature of crime here is complex. There is no middle class per say here and authority has lost its credibility. For years it had a social structure which was organised having families like Bertinellis and Keos, who though criminal also provide equality. Then comes people like Roman Sionis who break it by killing them and produce chaos. So do we hate them for producing chaos or appreciate them for killing these families.

The appreciation goes up in the smoke when he goes ahead and murders children. Whoever has seen Joker wouldn’t have taken offence if Joker killed Arthur but if he killed Bruce it would have been something else. You know why because children are above all of it they are not involved in it and you can’t justify it. Just like Roman’s behaviour with that woman in the bar was and Harley’s attempted rape was unjustifiable. It is unjustifiable whether you are a man or woman.


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