Doctor Strange To Have Iron Man And Captain America


Marvel broke our hearts with endgame last year seemingly putting three of our favourite superheroes in grave. We will get Black widow in the upcoming prequel. But what about Captain America and Iron Man. Are they gone forever in Mcu?

Honestly I don’t think so. If Crisis on Infinite Earths has shown me anything except for the fact that I love Oliver Queen a lot. It is that there is a way to survive anything in the Superhero world. It can happen. If Disney has enough moolahs they can make it happen. And Disney owns everything s they have enough.

Something on this line has the possibility of happening in the Doctor Strange’s sequel titled Multiverse of Madness. The fact that it didn’t struck my mind before is shameful. The word multiverse should have struck a chord. According to reports the movie might feature various superheroes in alternate universe. Seriously the tears were for nothing. But anyway, Chris Evans and Robert Downey jr. we are ready for you.

The news comes from Jeremy Conrad who has pretty much always been right with his leaks

He said:

“The concept of the Multiverse means there are other alternate realities where there are known MCU characters, but they could be very different. And according to a reliable source, the Doctor Strange sequel will explore that and it sounds like we may see some known MCU characters but in very different ways.”

That is bonkers and if pulled right will be superb and blow everyone’s mind. And honestly I hope these heroes are happy in the alternate universe they find themselves in.

Other news regarding the movie confirms that the movie will be the first horror offering from Marvel and will see another director as Scott Derickson parted ways due to the creative differences.

The movie is still said to be on schedule. The film will again star Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role as bwell as have connection with Loki to be released on Disney+.

The fans are eagerly waiting for this movie to gain clarity on MCU’S future.


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