20 Plus Rib Tickling Memes Of Doctor Strange


Marvel Cinematic Universe is the shared superhero universe based on the famous characters from the Marvel Comics. It debuted ten years ago with the arrival of Iron-Man, and after 18 movies, today it features a large number of heroes and villains. However, the films usually featured only the science, alien technology, etc. based themes and the cosmic element of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came to fore when Doctor Strange released.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch played Doctor Strange in the film. The story revolves around a globally renowned Surgeon who was transformed into a powerful sorcerer after a tragic incident that changed his life. One evening, he was a victim of a frightening car accident which left him incapable of using his hands.

He landed in Nepal in the hope of finding a cure for his disability, and that’s where he met the Ancient One. This meeting saw him turn into a powerful magician who saved the world later in the movie. Now Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be seen again in the soon to release Avengers: Infinity War. Let’ take a trip down the comedy lane with these crazy Doctor Strange memes.

Please Face The Camera!

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Conversation With Daredevil!



Conversation With Luke Cage!

Acting Little Strange!

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That’s Right!

Moral of The Story!



Oh Yeah Really!

Still A Better Love Story!

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No Damage!

Hell Yeah!

Before And After!

Stephen With A Ph.D.!


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