Doctor Strange Brings Back Iron Man?


If you want to know how to exhaustively use something, how to get even the last drop out of it. Take a look at Marvel. Before MCU you could count the number of superheroes with movie adaptations on your hand, but now everywhere you go and every corner you turn towards there is a superhero. Even villains could become hero like Loki and Deadpool. They have given the phrase ‘anything is possible’ a new meaning (that’s why I refuse to believe Iron Man and Black Widow are dead).

One of the most fascinating characters to come out of this universe is Doctor Strange. He knows everything. He also knew of the brutal future that our Avengers ultimately faced.

From 2015 to 2016 not only did we get a movie adaptation but also a new edition of this superhero.

It is shown that Stephen has transformed from Sorcerer Supreme to “Surgeon Supreme”. In one of his recent bargains with demon he got back his ability to perform surgeries. Way to go back to the origin.

But Stephen does not perform ordinary operations, he only performs those surgeries which are deemed impossible that is with a supernatural feature.

Things were going hunky dory, as much you can expect in this universe when Wrecker came by and like his name wrecked everything. He with his new weapon, a magical Crowbar beats the shit out of Doctor Strange seemingly leaving him for death.

The preview of Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme #2 reveals that Stephen survives and immediately goes to “Sanctum Machina,” his mystic layer to find a solution.

He starts to create his own weapon and surprisingly the visuals make everyone reminisce everyone’s favourite hero Iron Man. Everyone goes back to the scene of Tony Stark creating his suit of armour in the first Iron Man movie.

Maybe it leads to something or are just our emotions getting the best of us after the brutal death Tony Stark underwent in Endgame. We can’t wait for this edition to come out on January 29.


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