Doctor Strange 2 Hires Michael Waldron As The Script Writer


Doctor Strange 2 or the multiverse of madness is clearly turning out to be one heck of a movie. From sources revealing the appointment of the Sam Raimi into the movie to fans sort of figuring out what multiverse might mean. The movie is just becoming more and more interesting with every passing day. From the possibility of Iron Man returning to various Spidermen from each universe coming together to fight one big villain the movie is filling the fans up to the brim with excitement. And now reports suggest that the script is going for an overhaul which will be led by Michael Waldron. Waldron is currently acting as a showrunner and creator of Disney+’s original series Loki based on the famous god of mischief. It must be said that Marvel must have really liked Waldron’s work in Loki since they gave one of their biggest projects in his hands. Waldron also has a connection with Rick and Morty as he worked in the show’s writer room for years.

It is the third time Marvel is tweaking with the script as prior to this the control of the script was in the hands of Jac Schaeffer, who is the showrunner of another Disney series Wandavision. In the earlier stages the reins were in the hands of the up and coming scriptwriter Bartlett. Seems like Marvel is really taking its time for this one trying to find the best possible story and other elements.

Earlier Derrickson the director of the original movie said that Doctor Strange 2 would be Marvel’s first horror offering. And as expected the news sent ripples through the entire fandom and Kevin Feige had to more than once come forward to clarify the comments saying that the movie would not be a full blown horror picture but would definitely have elements from that genre.

He was quoted saying “Multiverse of Madness is the greatest title we’ve ever come up with, by the way, which is one thing that’s exciting about it,” the mega-producer said at the time. “I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a horror film, but … it’ll be a big MCU film with scary sequences in it.”

He added, “I mean, there are horrifying sequences in Raiders [of the Lost Ark] that I as a little kid would [cover my eyes] when their faces melted. Or Temple of Doom, of course, or Gremlins, or Poltergeist. These are the movies that invented the PG-13 rating, by the way. They were PG and then they were like, ‘We need another [rating].’ But that’s fun. It’s fun to be scared in that way, and not a horrific, torturous way, but a way that is legitimately scary … but scary in the service of an exhilarating emotion.”


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