Doc Brown’s DeLorean To Be Back In The Market


Fandoms are such a sacred thing, nobody outside it would understand. Nobody would understand why an orange coloured sofa is so important for Friends. Why any T shirt with Let the force be with you becomes such a wanted commodity for Star Wars. Barbie dolls and Ken dolls have created a franchise for its lovable fans.

All these materials associated with our favourite shows and projects flutter our heart and owning them gives us a sense of delight like nothing else. One of the most popular fandoms in the world Back to the Future got a news of a lifetime, recently. DeLorean the trusted automobile driven by the iconic Doc Brown is going to be manufactured again.

After the McDonald fiasco of Rick and Morty it is more than clear that fans not only shower love on characters but also on things loved by the character. DeLorean is also something like that. It is a major part of Back To the future lore in many ways. It is the automobile that Doc Brown uses for his time travel shenanigans. You would expect that the manufacture of these cars must have blown up the year the movie released but weirdly that was not the case at all. Since the movie released in 1985 and the cars went out of production in 1983.

But now according to automobile enthusiasts Hagerty due to new regulations that allow low-volume automakers to sell up to 325 cars each year that resemble production vehicles manufactured at least 25 years ago. DeLorean might be coming back to the market and it was also confirmed by DeLorean’s Vice President James Espey.

Though the idea of being able to buy these beloved cars is great, but the question is whether it will work in this era. This is the most opportune time for cars like Telsa but people also take into account fuel efficiency and this is where DeLorean drops the ball. But with newer technology and backing by fans. Who knows what might happen?


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