10 Disney Princesses Have Been Combined With Marvel Superheroes In These Fan Arts


There are kids who love to play superheroes, choosing among themselves as to who gets what superpower. There is speed, strength, telepathy and X-ray vision, etc. Of course, there are those who would want to pretend being the princesses from Disney. However, have you ever thought what would it be like if someone did both?

Robby Cook is a talented illustrator, and he was once in a discussion about what superpowers would he wish to choose, and that is what inspired him to create the Disney-Marvel mashups. Just imagine what if Belle could turn into the Hulk whenever she became angry? We are sure the Beast would not even waste a moment before running away. If Cinderella had those glass slippers, but, she had the powers of Emma Frost, and could turn her entire body into a diamond. Tiana’s weather-control power would certainly give her an advantage in the unpredictable New Orleans weather.

Cook has been drawing since he was only four-years-old, and his beloved Disney Princesses are the most daring of them all such as Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine. “There is this burning light and passion that they all have to fight for what they want,”Cook says. When asked who is his favorite Marvel character, he had an easy choice: Storm. She is a queen and a goddess, who has survived the test of time.

1. Firestar + Ariel

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2. Ms. Marvel + Aurora

3. She-Hulk + Belle

4. Emma Frost + Cinderella

5. Elektra + Jasmine

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6. Scarlet Witch + Megara

7. Psylocke + Mulan

8. X-23 + Pocahontas

9. Wasp + Snow White

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10. Storm + Tiana


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