The Funniest And Truly Dirty Dragon Ball Z Memes Online


Dragon Ball had already become huge even before the internet or the social media arrived on the scene. However, during those early days of Dragon Ball, it was the poor Bulma who used to be at the center of the fan service element. At times they showed Goku yanking her panties off or at other times she was seen flashing to Master Roshi, but, it was always invariably Bulma who displayed her stuff. However, the fan scrutiny of Bulma faded away to an extent over the years, the fan service is still present in the show. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise us that some of the most iconic Dragon Ball Z memes are full of dirty jokes.

To be honest, is the mere mention of the name “Chi-Chi” itself, not sufficient to create some incredibly dirty Dragon Ball Z memes? As far as any sort of obscene Dragon Ball Z jokes are concerned, the netizens have never disappointed. Keeping that in mind, we compiled some of the most hilarious Dragon Ball Z memes tinged with the hue of dirty Dragon Ball Z references. Maybe not all, but, certainly some of them.

Without any further ado, we present to you the most hilarious dirty Dragon Ball Z memes available online which would make even Master Roshi happy.

22. When Cell Gives You That Look…

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21. A Teabag D-Bag

20. That Hurts, Just Saiyan

19. People Of Earth, Lend Me Your Power!

18. Not So Super

17. Look At What’s Under These Trunks!

16. Waiting Game

15. Times Are Hard, Man

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14. Nooooooooo

13. Down With V’s D

12. Getting Caught With His Special Beam Cannon…

11. Like Two Spirit Bombs

10. Slurp

9. Squad Goals

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8. Hey, Good Lookin’

7. Who’s Your Daddy?

6. Beast Mode!

5. Grower Not A Show-er

4. Senzu: The Viagra Of DBZ

3. Different Strokes

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2. Round Two

1. Here It Comes


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