Detective Pikachu Writers Congratulate The Creators Of Sonic The Hedgehog


This year has been weird  for movies as it returned to it’s very familiar but unfortunate pattern of having the first few movies of the year, literally and figuratively bomb on box office. The pattern got broken last year, but got reinstated in 2020 with films like Birds Of Prey and The Rhythm Section just going off the rails in a way no one anticipated. And all of it happened with one of those movies getting staggering reviews and coming off the heels of a critically but hugely successful predecessor. Yes I am talking about Birds Of Prey. Blake Lively was great and all in the Rhythm Section but the movie did not vibe at all.

The Rhythm Section was probably the biggest failure of all setting records of how great a failure it was. Paramount had some major turn around to do and they did so through Sonic The Hedgehog. The success of Sonic The Hedgehog is not only resounding to Paramount but also to the fans who also were the part of the entire process as their disapproval is what led to a delay in the movie. So the success which obviously came because of the content can be also credited to the fans who expressed disappointment to the animation of Sonic when the first trailer was released. Well Sonic are the arms which are going to carry hopefully, this franchise. And honestly that Sonic would have looked hideous besides Jim  Carrey’s wonderful performance.

The movie broke the record of the biggest opening for a video game based movie ever leaving behind Detective Pikachu and as true lovers of Cinema both Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez script writers of Detective Pikachu reacted on Twitter to this news. While Benji congratulated them on taking the mantle forward. Hernandez reacted funnily but obviously with great regards.


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