Despite Critical Praise Birds Of Prey Opens To Low Grossing Figures


Birds of Prey was long predicted to have a bad opening and unsurprisingly it did. Birds of Prey a spin off and follow up to critically planned but hugely successful Suicide Squad raked in way below than expected. Though critically one of the best properties produced by DC and literally a movie of women and made by women. I mean seriously how many times we get that. And seriously a very terrifying villain by DC after a long time. The word of mouth just couldn’t do it.

A series of things could have gone wrong. Maybe after such an issues based portrayal of Joker people weren’t ready for a light hearted Harley Quinn, such bad reviews of Suicide Squad which I don’t really get because it was sort of good and the fact that it wasn’t so hugely popular from the comic standpoint anyway hurt the movie.

It has a lower opening than 2011’s Green Lantern but may not suffer its fate. Because it is not that expensive to begin with and a steady performance over the course of few weeks might just cut it and there is a huge possibility that we will see Huntress and Black Canary on our screens again.

The fact that it is R rated is also worrisome as a lot of the target audience is missing it out and it doesn’t have the popularity of Joker or Logan to see it through. Right now it is below Shazam! As the worst opener for DCEU.

Next we will see Quinn in the highly anticipated Suicide Squad 2 after a change in direction from the first. It will now be directed by James Gunn who will base the movie on 1980s Suicide Squad comics.

She will return along with Viola Davis and Joel Kinnaman.


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