Deadpool 2 Arrives On Rotten Tomatoes With A Fantastic Score


Till the last report, 22 reviews had been taken into account on Rotten Tomatoes, and just two were unfavorable, which gave Deadpool 2 a superb Tomatometer score of 90%. Over the next few days, we will see variance in the score as more and more reviews will be counted, but, it is quite likely to stay in the range of 85-95. To say it simply, we feel Deadpool 2 is going to be another hit.

Rotten Tomatoes hinted that the official Tomatometer score would be unveiled shortly after the review embargo ended at 8 pm PT.

This ending of the review embargo happens alongside the red carpet premiere of the film in New York City, NY. All the movie’s stars and makers, as well as other celebrities and press members,  attended the event.

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Deadpool became a national rage after the original Ryan Reynolds starrer broke many records after its release. Back then, Deadpool created the record for the highest box office opening for a February movie by earning over $132 million in its opening weekend. That record stood for two years before Black Panther shredded it with its astonishing $202 million opening this February.

However,Deadpool still happens to be the record holder for the most successful opening by an R-rated film, and is the second-highest grossing R-rated film ever at the US box office, second only to The Passion of the Christ.

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Last year’s Stephen King novel’s adaptation IT couldn’t break that record for R-rated movie, but, we are sure that Deadpool  2 will have that record to its name in a few days from now. The tracking numbers peg the sequel to make around $125 – $150 million in its opening weekend. No doubt, it has a fantastic chance of replacing its prequel.

Deadpool 2 is helmed by David Leitch and stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and ZazieBeetz. It releases this Friday.


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