Deadpool 2 Director Reveals The Story Of Juggernaut’s Existence In The Film


Warning: Massive Deadpool 2 Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

The monstrous and extremely powerful X-Men character entered the film late into the second act, where he had a small fight with Deadpool(Ryan Reynolds) before making another appearance later in the movie to take on Colossus. As was revealed, the mutant’s voice was provided by Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, but, it never really had a physical presence on set apart from some stunt-men in place.

“We had somebody in a gray suit, you know, performance capture, but we weren’t recording,” Leitch revealed. “It was only for a reference on film. We weren’t recording mo-cap. He’s completely animated, and so, we just thought, because his geometry, he’s so tall, getting performance capture onset for his physicality wasn’t effective. If it was going to be an actor where we saw his face, we would probably have done a face rig, but it wasn’t that situation. So, we had different stunt performers at different times play him as a reference, but it was never a mo-cap situation.”

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However, to film that fight at Essex House, there were a couple of stunt performers to make it appear as realistic as possible, as far as character movements were concerned.

“I’ll say this though, for the fight scene at the end with Colossus, we did do mo-cap reference, and so we had a smaller stunt performer — maybe like, 5′ 7″ — fighting a guy who’s 6′ 4″, 6′ 5″, and tried to get more proportions right,” Leitch said. “And we did the fight scene in mo-cap and put cameras on it. And it was still just a reference for the animators; it was really some great animation done by Framestore that pulled us over the finish line.”

It was quite unusual for contemporary movies that Juggernaut’s appearance was not marketed although he is a popular character who might have drawn some more people to the theaters.

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“Deadpool gets to do all the fun marketing things that no one else gets to do, and we were trying to be provocative with the marketing,” Leitch said. “We were trying to be shocking. [Ryan Reynold is] sort of the keeper of the brand and he has a lot to say with that. And he was really passionate about keeping Juggernaut a secret, just like he is in the script. It’s like if you knew he was in it, then you would subvert that moment in the prison where Russell and Wade are talking about the monster in the basement, and you kind of subvert that moment for the audience and it’s not as entertaining.”

Ultimately, Leitch was glad to have sprung some surprises on the audiences. “So, we did try to preserve several reveals,” Leitch said. “And I think, marketing, hats off to them for helping us do that.”

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