Deadpool 2 Spoilers: Did Cable Come From Days Of Future Past Timeline.


Deadpool 2 shows Cable as a half-machine, half-human cybernetic warrior who arrives from the future. What future we ask? The future from where Cable has come is a period where humanity, quoting Cable “f**ked this planet into a coma.” A significant portion of what we know about that dark period comes to us courtesy of Cable’s sentimental explanation regarding his wife and daughter getting killed by the pyro-crazy mutant called Firefist, but, there are a couple of brief visuals of his world. Those shots show purple lighting, an apocalyptic feel, and the visuals of the city in the background greatly resemble the sentinel laden future of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Although this is a great way to bring the X-Men movies together, showing the Sentinel/mutant war to be a certainty, but, the timeline from where Cable came wasn’t the same. It was smart of the Deadpool franchise to stay away from the X-Men films, and restricting the link to the sarcastic references and an odd cameo. He lives in the same universe, and also has the Xavier’s School For Gifted Children, but, he is cocooned in his own world which hasn’t shown much of crossing-over apart from Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, which also he blames the producers for.

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Although the visuals are similar to Days of Future Past, we are certain that Cable is coming from a different future. Although Cable himself has tried to kill the grownup Firefist, he hasn’t mentioned sentinels or even a sentinel programme, which was the whole premise for the world in Future Past. The X-Men franchise has displayed Sentinels quite sparingly, and only featuring them in Days of Future Past and a variation in the TV series The Gifted. They might have been involved in the futuristic scenes of Deadpool 2, but, that would have messed things up.

Deadpool 2’s future scenes having a color palette and design elements identical to Days of Future Past, might be a smart tactic. The X-Men fans would identify the purple lighting and nighttime visuals of the city as scenes which are futuristic, and it creates a message for the audiences, telling them that Cable is not in the same environment as Deadpool and the others are. Just in case, the purple lighting doesn’t reveal it, the airborne police cars in the background definitely do.

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No doubt, there has not been any clear denial that Cable is not from the Days of Future Past timeline, so we don’t reject it totally. We hardly know anything about Cable’s origin at all, maybe he worked with the sentinels to track down the mutants including Firefist. In fact, it doesn’t even matter since at the end of the film Cable chose to stay back and stop humanity from creating the apocalyptic future from where he had descended. Will that alter his own past/future, or the existence of his wife and daughter? Well, can’t be said right now.


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