‘Deadpool 2’ Actor Was Underage To Watch His Own Movie


The young, 15-year-old Deadpool 2 actor, Julian Dennison had been prohibited by the cinemas to watch the R-rated Marvel adaptation in which he had starred.

This film is rated R-16 in New Zealand, “I can’t watch it,” the actor had said.

The actor had taken part in arranging a theater for a certain fund-raising event, but was denied access to see the movie.

“We got a cinema and they’re like, ‘oh, yeah, you can introduce the movie, you can do everything, but you’re not allowed to watch it,’” Dennison had said.

“And a few of my mates got kicked out of the cinema as well.”

When he had been asked about how his parents felt about Deadpool 2, he had said

“they were fine with that. No, they weren’t.”

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“So, there was some stuff that got cut out of the film. I remember I was doing a scene with Ryan [Reynolds, who plays Deadpool] and he whispered it in my ear, and I’m like, ‘woof, my virgin ears,’” Dennison then joked.

“But no, I said it, and I can’t say it because it’s television, and it’s live, so I said it, and I freaked out. They really enjoyed the film, though.”

“It came out in 2016, the first one, and I was about 13 then. So I wasn’t allowed to see it,” the actor continued.

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The actor of Firefist had seen the first Deadpool movie recently after a sex scene between Wade Wilson and Vanessa had been removed.

“But I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago. They had to cut out the giant sex montage in it. So yeah, they got rid of that,” he then explained.

“But it’s a really cool movie. I heard of it, though. I really wanted to go see it, but mum didn’t let me when it came out.”

Deadpool 2 is now playing.


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