Which DC Power Ring Will Be The Most Suitable For These 15 Marvel Superheroes


The DC Power Rings are articles created from the Emotional Spectrum where Red, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet, Blue, Orange, White and Black indicate Rage, fear, willpower, compassion, love, hope, greed, life and death respectively. These Power Rings have been integral to the DC Universe. However, what would happen if Marvel Superheroes put on the DC Power Ring? Which Ring will suit whom? Here are the answers:

Ghost Rider – Red Lantern

The rage that the ring builds up inside a person should be plentiful for the working of Red Power Ring. There is an abundance of rage in Ghost Rider; in fact, he is named the Spirit of Vengeance. No villain will ever be able to sleep peacefully with a Red Lantern Ghost Rider.

The Punisher – Yellow Lantern

Frank Castle aka The Punisher is among the deadliest anti-heroes in the world of Marvel Comics. Even before he was given the Cosmic Ghost Rider powers in Thanos series, he was capable of frightening his enemies. That’s exactly what the Yellow Lantern Corps does.

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Professor X – Blue Lantern

At a time when the relationship between humans and mutants plummets to all-time worst, only one person remains hopeful of it being salvaged. Professor X has been relentless in his pursuit of a better future, no matter what. His hopefulness makes him worthy here.

Captain America – Green Lantern

There is no doubt that the Captain America is the most enduring and stubborn character in the Marvel Universe. He is an icon who believes in standing up for the right thing and doing the right thing. Steve Rogers has incredible willpower which had led to the Civil War. This would make him a great choice for Green Lantern.

Spiderman – Indigo Lantern

Spiderman is probably the most humble superhero ever in the entire world of comic books. He lives like a guy on the street, has suffered great losses and still believes in moving on with life. In case that’s not reason enough for him to be given an Indigo Power Ring, then nothing could ever be.

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Loki – Orange Lantern

Loki might not fit a proper superhero definition, but, he is best suited to the anti-hero category in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, his benevolence is not able to mask his power-hungry nature. He is after it all – Recognition, Power and Wealth. In fact, he is a legend when it comes to lust for power.

Scarlet Witch – Star Sapphire (Violet Lantern)

Scarlet Witch is a superhero with mutant origins who is also an Avenger. In a comic book called The House of M, she became mentally deranged due to the loss of her kids that she nearly warped the reality. She loved her children to the extent that she manipulated the whole fabric of space and time.

Doctor Strange – Starheart

All the magical power within the DC Universe was centered in Star Heart that was kept under lock and key by the Guardians of Oa. The Starheart ultimately landed with Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern. Starheart is sheer magic and is it difficult to guess the identity of the master magician from the Marvel Universe?

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Tony Stark – White Lantern

Among the seven Lanterns, the White Lantern might be the most powerful. The White Power Ring lets its user control life itself. Hal Jordan had become a White Lantern in the DC Universe. Prior to that, he had destroyed his whole city when it was possessed by Parallax. Hal Jordan has developed tremendous respect for life since then. Tony has a big hole in his chest, courtesy of weapons created by him. He is the nearest that a Marvel character can be to Hal Jordan.

Thanos – Black Lantern

A guy who wanted to impress the Lady Death would certainly want to get hold of a Black Lantern Ring. This not only makes the wearer invincible but, also lets the user infect others to let them wield power similar to him. Thanos with a Black Lantern Ring would certainly be catastrophic for any universe.

Doctor Doom – Starheart

Doctor Doom is among the most renowned magicians in the Marvel Universe. Therefore, the one thing that would suit him the best is the magical Starheart Power Ring.

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Wolverine – Red Lantern

Wolverine rage is iconic and animalistic. He has claws and healing power. Just imagine Logan prowling the streets on a nasty day, with his claws out and dripping the peculiar acidic blood that the Red Lanterns are known for.

Galactus – Yellow Lantern

The planet munching Galactus is not the guy you want to mess with. In DC Universe, the Anti-Monitor is a cosmic being who is considered to be among the deadliest DC villains, and he had become a Yellow Lantern. Galactus is even more frightening, and so he comes across as a perfect fit for the Yellow Power Ring.

Thor – Blue Lantern

Thor is going through a rough patch for a fair bit of time now. However, his resolve to get through the dark times is still unshaken. After he witnessed the destruction of his home planet, seeing his sister become a maniacal destroyer, being a witness to his father’s death and surviving the mass wipeout of the remaining Asgardians by Thanos’ troops, he is still ready to fight. He still believes that he can win.

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Green Goblin – Yellow Lantern

You might not find Green Goblin to be as good as the Joker, but, he is wicked enough to give a whipping to Peter Parker on a number of occasions. He has a sinister laugh and a figure that makes him one of the scariest beings on Earth. The Sinestro Corps would be delighted to have Green Goblin among their ranks.


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