25 Extremely Funny Fan Comics For The Genuine DC Fans Only


If you are a Marvel fan, you might just move aside because time has come for DC to hog the limelight! (Okay, we are just kidding, we are as much in love with Marvel as DC. And we love you whichever camp you might be from). Although DC hasn’t had great success in the live-action movies, they have done superbly when it comes to the animated films, television shows (either live-action or animated), and of course, comics too. The undeniable truth is, DC has some of the most famous and iconic superheroes at its disposal. Just think of it! Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, who would be there who hasn’t loved these three?

We love DC, and we love Marvel too, but, the DC heroes have existed for far longer, and the stories of Batman are simply incredible. Fans have loved animated DC shows such as the Justice League animated series and Teen Titans.  Almost every comic book lover would have read at least one Batman or Superman comic, and then there are films like Wonder Woman and The Dark Knight.DC truly rocks!

So how would the DC fans show their love? By creating their own stuff, obviously. There is an incredible amount of fan art and fan comics based on the DC Universe. Just like most other things in fandom, the fan comics are often akin to internal jokes among fans. Therefore, if you are clueless about the source material, you are unlikely to understand the joke. However, if you know what it is about, the joke becomes funnier!

Having said that we present to you 25 DC fan comics which can be understood only by true DC fans or at least fans who have a fair idea of the characters’ depicted.

25. This Actually Explains A Lot

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24. It’s The Best Kind Of Rivalry

23. Probably Don’t Call Him

22. Does Damian Even Get This Reference?

21. Breaking The Tradition

20. That Is A Pretty Cool Hairstyle

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19. Bruce Would Totally Do This To Luthor

18. Don’t Touch His Oreos

17. He Is Kind Of The Mom Superhero

16. Oh, She Would Adore This Little Tree

15. I’m Seeing Double Here

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14. Since You’ve Been Gone

13. Does Superman Tell Campfire Stories?

12. Seriously, Why Does She Wear That?

11. Sometimes The Stereotypes Are True

10. You Mean This Didn’t Actually Happen?

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9. Please Don’t Hurt Him, Arrow

8. That’s A Pretty Good Prank

7. I’m Seeing A Pattern Here

6. May Want To Rephrase That, Batman

5. Why Aren’t These Two In The Movie?

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4. You Turn Into Your Friends

3. She Has Pretty Simple Tastes

2. Batman Has Taught Him Well

1. Can Superman Sing “Let It Go?” Please?


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