The 23 Most Hilarious DC Logic Comics Which Would Change The Way Fans Look At The Characters


Comic books generally are a depiction of wild imagination without any limits.  In fact, they are often so far-fetched, that we don’t even pay attention to all the impossible things taking place. If you ever applied physics or science to the extreme actions of the superheroes, then the whole scientific community would go crazy trying to explain the logic behind the powers wielded by the heroes.

That’s why it is really incredible for comic books or films based on those comics, to highlight such things which make us suspicious. There is not a lot that will be considered as extreme, but, at times there are things which enter that domain. In fact, you would be more surprised to find out that some of those logic-defying things are everyday traits of the heroes.

Highlighting these illogical things might spoil the fun for a movie viewer, and we advise not to take these things too seriously. However, you must use these observations to get a different outlook towards the movies. That’s how you might spot things in a movie’s plot which were otherwise not noticed.

Even if nothing else, you can go ahead and enjoy these comics because they have genuine humor. There are a large number of fan memes and fan comics to depict hilarious situations which are not canon and the DC Comics in this list are surely bound to make you laugh.

23 Think It Over, Bruce

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22 Bang Bang!

21 Why Wear Those Trunks?

20 Dumb To The Highest Degree

19 I Must Away!

18 No One Remains Gone

17 Poor Baby

16 Trolled

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15 Hairy Origins

14 Good Guy Joker

13 Fantastic Logic

12 Let It Go

11 Deal Breaker

10 Wasting Money

The Unbeatable Bat

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Wrong Weapon

We’re All Supermen

Cat Fight

Little Kids As Sidekicks

Ridiculous Strength Levels

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Why Bring Batman Along?

Right In The Face

Who’s That?


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