Here’s Why DC’s Batverse Movies Should Start Off With ‘Under the Red Hood’


Since actor, Ben Affleck had appeared in the DC Extended Universe as Bruce Wayne (Batman), all the fans have remained pretty much divided about his version of the Dark Knight. Zack Snyder had depicted him as a violent and merciless character in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he seems to have returned to his roots by the end of this movie and then continued in the same vein in Justice League.

Affleck had stepped down as the director from a Batman solo movie but had insisted that things are going “really, really well”. No one knows who will don Batman’s cape and cowl in the future of DCEU.

As for the movie’s plot, after Reeves had decided to rewrite this script and even throw out Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke as the main villain, everything became more vague.

Very recently, “A Death in the Family” (Joker killing Robin, Jason Todd) had been eyed as a potential adaptation for the storyline, but we are left with just a lot of rumors. Warner Bros. must actually start be looking towards using Jason Todd’s death to start off the new Batverse. This should not be done by focusing on Robin’s death, but instead, the best way to enter into Batman’s world should be by using the “Under the Red Hood” storyline.

The plotline of the “Under the Red Hood” story perfectly syncs with the seeds that Zack Snyder had sown in BvS. We had seen a very regretful Bruce looking at a defaced Robin suit ad this hints that the Joker had killed the protege like in “A Death in the Family.” This suit had been said to belong to Jason’s with Harley Quinn’s rap sheet having corroborated the hero’s murder in Suicide Squad.

Snyder had said that the hero might also be Dick Grayson. But considering that the dead Robin’s identity has not been revealed, the evidence surely does imply that it was Jason.

In the comic books, Doug Mahnke, Judd Winick, Eric Battle and Shane Davis had told us the story of Jason’s resurrection in “Under The Hood.” The animated film had a very gritty tone which was similar to DCE and detailed Jason’s obsession with killing the Joker. Following the storyline will fit well in with the aggressive and vengeful warpath that Bruce was on in the movie, BvS.

There is an intriguing duality which is awaiting the DCEU’s Bruce if he does face Jason as the Red Hood. It will be a reflection of when Bruce had to be pulled from the edge in BvS. To save Jason’s soul, he would have to become someone who is much more than a symbol or just a teacher and would have to become a father. This seems to be the only way to actually help in exorcising Jason’s demons.

In Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Russo brothers had Steve Rogers saving Bucky Barnes who was brainwashed and put his friend before the Captain America mantle to rescue the hero. A very similar emotional journey can test the Bat-family. This leaves a lot of room to bring in Nightwing, and he can help Bruce, and even tie into the Batgirl film which seems to be picking up pace.

Red Hood waging war on the Bat-family is not a civil war, and it is one for Gotham City also. Jason killing the criminals may force Commissioner Gordon and the police to turn on street-level vigilantes for restoring order. The problem will tear Gotham apart with a few citizens endorsing the bloodier brand of justice in order to make the streets safe.

The storyline has a lot of iconic villains like Black Mask, Ra’s al Ghul and Amazo and they could be used for plunging Gotham into despair. This move can expand the DCEU’s vigilantes as Jason’s vendetta will lay the foundation for Tim Drake’s Robin, the Outsiders, the Outlaws, Gotham City Sirens and Birds of Prey.

This plot involves the Joker, and we may see Jared Leto’s Joker actually done right. The Suicide Squad interpretation was polarizing, and this may be an opportunity for Reeves to give us the maniac a better presentation.

This is a chance to correct the character and shape him as someone who is much less eccentric and much more traditional.


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