DC Animated Universe To Get A Comic Series


Birds of Prey opened to a great critical reception but a poor financial reception which is in my opinion a huge travesty. A title change has been put into wheels getting Harley Quinn front and centre. Which in my opinion is for the best. As Quinn is not only the breakout character of this series but also of the DC universe. But many people forget that she did not get her start in the comics but in the beloved animated series by Bruce Timm. This series made DC an obsession with all its fans. It was extremely beloved by the fans to  say the least.

The announcement was made by DC that Timm would return to helm the universe albeit on the page rather than the screen. This is an extremely good news for all the people who loved The Batman Adventures a comic series based on the DC Animated Universe. writer Alan Burnett and artist Ty Templeton who worked on the popular  series will also return.

Batman the animated series ran for 85 issues and also gave birth to shows like Superman and Justice League. It also got a sequel in the form of Batman Beyond where we revisit Batman as he becomes older and we get a new batman, Terry McGinnis. In all these Batman was voiced by Kevin Conroy, who made his live action debut with much fan fare in the mind boggling and epic Crisis on Infinite Earths .

DC will publish the first issue of this new series titled Batman: The Adventures Continue, in six parts. The title is a dedication to  The Batman Adventures. They have also released the first look.

The comic will have legendary characters like Superman and Lex Luthor and fan favourites like Jason Todd, Deathstroke, and Azrael.


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