7 Most Heart-Breaking Incidents Ever In The DC And Marvel Universe


There are times when superheroes are able to sell more comics by dying than their adventures. Also the fact that they are superheroes, but, that doesn’t make them immortal. Therefore, for the purpose of creating this list, we are focusing only on the deaths of superheroes, so any of the superhero family and friends, or the supervillains, have not been taken into consideration.

1.Peter Parker: Spider-Man, Twice

What feels worse than witnessing the death of our beloved superhero?

Witnessing our beloved superhero die twice within a year!

Parker met death twice in two different universes, Earth 616 which is the regular Marvel Universe, and the Marvel Ultimate Universe. In the year 2012, the Marvel Ultimate Universe version of Peter Parker got shot by the Punisher, and then Green Goblin killed him.

Then again the Spider-Man from Earth 616 perished when Doctor Octopus switched their minds, and while Doctor Octopus’s body died, it killed the consciousness of Peter Parker.

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2.Wolverine (“Logan” James Howlett)

Wolverine has survived for such a long time due to his Adamantium skeleton and rapid healing power. On a number of times, his body has been ripped apart, his skeleton peeled off, and he even got eaten, but, he always returned.

However, the 2014 series, “Death of Wolverine” made him die for good, at least for a while. There was a virus which left his healing power useless, and during that time Wolverine located the founder of Weapon X program, Dr. Abraham Cornelius. A fight ensued in which he was covered in liquid Adamantium, and since he wasn’t able to shake it off, he died of suffocation.

3.Barry Allen: The Second Flash

For a long time, The Flash has been a DC Universe icon; therefore, the death of his alter-ego, Barry Allen in 1985, had fans in a shock.

The Flash perished protecting humanity and readers were compelled to see the frame-by-frame disintegration of Barry’s face.

This was the first time a leading superhero had died in DC, taking a clue from the death of Captain Marvel and it has found reference in various other versions of the character.

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4.Steve Rogers: Captain America 

The legendary Civil War narrative of 2006 was hard on a lot of leading superheroes.

However, things were the worst for Captain America.

After he surrendered to Tony Stark and agreed to face a trial, Captain America was gunned down while at the steps of the courthouse. Crossbones shot Captain America with a sniper-gun, and as the others got distracted, the mind-controlled Sharon Carter finished him off.

5.Jean Grey

Back in 2005, Jean Grey died after getting possessed by the Phoenix.

The villain Mastermind controlled her mind, and that led to Phoenix becoming maniacal, and it turned into the dangerous Dark Phoenix, compelling the beloved Jean Grey Summers into the being’s subconscious. Jean mentally wriggled to get free from the metal prison created by Dark Phoenix and ultimately got sufficient physical control to cause self-destruction which saved the universe from the evil of Dark Phoenix for good.

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Once upon a time, it was believed that the Superman was invincible. However, in 1993, the iconic DC superhero was killed during a battle against the deadly Doomsday.

However, Superman didn’t die in vain, and he also took Doomsday down along with him. Therefore, it was an even match.

We must give due credit to DC for it because it seemed that Superman had died permanently. However, he was too legendary a superhero to remain dead, and ultimately he came back after his body was regenerated in the Fortress of Solitude.

7.Jason Todd: The Second Robin

There is no doubt that the murder of Jason Todd, the second Robin, has until now been the most disturbing and violent superhero death ever.

There was some extremely scary imagery, as the Joker hammered down the injured Robin with a crowbar.

Then just when Batman was within range of saving Jason, there was a bomb blast that apparently killed the Robin. The most disturbing fact about Robin’s killing was that the Batman fans voted for it, and it got 5,341 votes in support and 5, 271 votes against. Sadly for Jason, fans had given their verdict.


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