All That You Need To Know After Seeing Darth Maul In Solo: A Star Wars Story


Darth Maul or should we say, Maul, had a dramatic entry at the fag end of Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you are not a certified nerd, then you might not have seen Darth Maul after The Phantom Menace, way back in 1999. Every Star Wars fan knows that Obi-Wan sliced Darth Maul in the middle after murdering his master Qui Jon Gin.

However, what wasn’t revealed back then was that he managed to survive the fall and was later saved by his brother Savage Opress. Surprised? Yeah, that’s true! Darth Maul had a brother who was snatched away by Darth Sidious as soon as he was born. Sounds crazy, right?

However, you need not worry; we have the right knowledge to impart about Darth Maul.

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In case you can be patient and do things the rewarding, but, difficult way then you should read and watch what we list below. We know you will thank us for suggesting that after you did!

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix.
  • Son of Dathomir (comic).
  • Ahsoka (novel)
  • Star Wars Rebels

Once you are done, then you must rewatch Solo: A Star Wars Story!

However, if you are that restless kind, this is what you need to watch (video below).

As mentioned already, In The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul plunges into a pit on Naboo after he was cut into two by Obi-Wan. However, that was only the beginning of a tragical story!


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