100+ Daredevil Quotes From The 2003 American Superhero Film

Daredevil famous quotes

These Daredevil Quotes  From The 2003 American Superhero Film. There are so many Daredevil    quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Daredevil    Quotes exists just do that.

Daredevil is a television web series from America. This is mainly made for Netflix and aired on April 2015.

This is the story of a blind man who is a lawyer by profession in the day time and Daredevil at night. He got bling when he was very young due to some radioactive elements. When he met the Punisher, their morale clashed where the Punisher strongly believe that death is the only punishment for any kind of crime. While he was struggling to deal with Punisher, he faced Elektra and Stick who wanted to make Daredevil join them. Daredevil was reluctant to do so and fund a middle way to solve all these. He shook hands with the Punisher and make his way out of the problem.

Till now 3 seasons had already being aired. The first season had 13 episodes all released on 10th April 2015, the second season was aired on 18th March 2016 with another 13 episodes and season 3 was aired on 19th October 2018 with another 13 episodes. The producer wanted to make the series 4 but Netflix canceled it. Netflix mentioned that all 3 series will be available with Netflix but they will not air any more series for this web series. In 2015 November, the mobile fighting game “Marvel: Contest of Champions” was launched featuring Daredevil.

The web series was critically acclaimed and also widely watched.

The episodes were shot in New York City in Brooklyn and Long Island City.

Daredevil had been nominated for many awards starting from 20016 till 2019 and won 4 awards as of now. It received Honoree award from Helen Keller Achievement Award, Best new titles sequence by Online Film and Television Association Award in 2015 and 2 more in 2016.

We have dug up these Daredevil    quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Daredevil Sayings in a single place. Daredevil Quotes  About Mary have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Daredevil quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Daredevil quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“I want to look into the eyes of my father’s killer as he dies.”

Daredevil famous quotes

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“Good. Then, this will be quick.”

Daredevil popular quotes “You don’t know how I feel. I want revenge.”

Daredevil quotes

“I’m not the bad guy here, kid.”

Daredevil best quotes

“I tried, Father. I tried. This is who I am.”

Daredevil saying

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“I had lost my sight, but I got something back in return. My remaining four senses functioned with superhuman sharpness. But most amazing of all, my sense of sound gave off a kind of radar sense.” (as narrator)

“High above the city streets, I trained my body and my senses. An acute sense of touch gave me both strength and balance, until the city itself became my playground.” (as narrator)

“I waited outside the Olympic for my father. In some ways, I’m still waiting. Nobody cared much about the death of a washed-up prizefighter… nobody but me.” (as narrator)

“I would keep my promise. I would help those that others wouldn’t. I would seek justice… one way or another.” (as narrator)

“Can one man make a difference? There are days when I believe, and others when I have lost all faith.”

“Mister Quesada, for your sake, I hope justice is found here today… before justice finds you.”

“Hey, that light at the end of the tunnel? Guess what? That’s not heaven. That’s the C train!”

“When it rains, it’s like there’s a rooftop on the world. Each raindrop makes a sound the first time it falls on a surface. Just then, it’s like I-I… it’s like I can see again. And I-I just want to… I just want to see you.”

“This one’s for you, Dad.”

“If there are no eyewitnesses, I mean, you know, Bigfoot has eyewitnesses.”
(sat on a burning pool table) Quesada! Time to give the Devil his due!

“Hell’s Kitchen is my neighborhood. I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night. Watching from the darkness. Forever in darkness. A guardian devil.” (last lines as narrator)

“My name’s Elektra Natchios. Hmm!” (after defeating Matt in a martial-arts bout in a park)

“Stay with me. Stay.”

“You should know that the only reason I got dressed up for this thing was that I wanted to look beautiful for you. I wish you could see me tonight.”

“It’s just… good things don’t happen to me very often. When they do, I get scared.”

“Remember me?” (dressed in leather fighting gear and brandishing a pair of sais)

“He has to pay for what he’s done.”

“I’ll find you.”

“More peanuts, please.”

“I missed. I NEVER miss!”

“The Devil is mine!”

“He… made me… miss.”

“I want a bloody costume!” changed to “I want a fucking costume!” in the director’s cut.

“You’re good, baby, I’ll give you that. But me? I’m magic.”

“Hey, orphen, let’s play!”

“The first one’s a warning… padre.”

“‘Man without fear’ (chuckles) Looks like I found something you’re afraid of. Let’s bring on the pain! Let’s bring on the noise!”
(after Daredevil lets a bullet go through both of Bullseye’s hands) “My hands! You took away my hands!”
(last line of the film) “Mmm… bulls-eye.”

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“I want you to create a paper trail. One that can be traced to Natchios.”

“The press want a Kingpin, so I’ll give them a Kingpin. Get me Bullseye.”

“Nobody’s innocent. Nobody.”

“I’m just saying goodbye, old friend. Just saying goodbye.”

“There’s an old saying that too much pride can kill a man.”

“I was raised in the Bronx, Wesley. This is something you wouldn’t understand.”

“It’s a shame you came here wounded. I would’ve loved to fight you in your prime. They called you the man without fear. If that’s true, why are you afraid to show your face?”
(after he pulled off Daredevil’s mask, and is laughing) “No, I don’t believe this. No, no. The blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen?”

“Business. That’s all it ever is, is business. I was working for Fallon at the time. Your father was supposed to throw a fight. And your girl was in the wrong family at the wrong time. It’s all business. (long pause) And you’ve been in my business for too long!”

“There are alligators in the sewers! Don’t ride my ass about the alligators. I got a friend in Sanitation, okay? He’s seen them!”

“She’s… hideous. I don’t know if its a fungus or some kind of congenital birth defect, but as your attorney in this matter I advise you to take no further action.”

“As your attorney in this matter, I advise you to marry the woman immediately.”

“That place is gonna be crawling with people, rich people! People who pay their legal fees with money, not with fish, or with-with-with wheels of cheese, or with sports supplies! I’m gonna fill you in on a little secret, Matt. This doesn’t look like a law office, okay? It looks like the set of goddamn “Sanford and Son”. Every time I walk in, I’m waiting for Lamont to come down the stairs!”

“Look at me, Matt. I’m a ‘plus one’. ‘Plus ones’ don’t get anywhere by themselves. They need somebody to bring them. That’s why it’s ‘plus one’.”

“What happens to that lie-detector of yours when it detects your own bullshit? It must really bury the needle, huh?”

“Do you or do you not concede that there are alligators in the sewers? Please answer the question.”

“You don’t hit nothin’ but books, get me? You be a doctor or a lawyer. Not like me.” ~ Jack Murdock

“You can do anything if you’re not afraid.” ~ Jack Murdock

“Go ahead, fight me! I dare ya! I dare ya!” ~ Bully

“I’m not too crazy about the outfit, either.” ~ Father Everett

“The truth is, Mister Murdock, is that Miss Sutton enjoyed every minute of it.” ~ Jose Quesada

“To the justice system, right? Of course I beat it. Kingpin’s got my back, bro.” ~ Jose Quesada

“Matt, it’s Heather. Are you there? Of course you’re not there. You’re never there. At least, not for me. Look, I didn’t want to do this over the phone, but
it’s not like you’ve given me any choice. I mean, It’s been three months, and I’ve never even seen your apartment. Every time we sleep together, I wake up in
the morning alone. I mean, Jesus, where do you go at three o’clock in the morning?” ~ part of “Dear John” message on Matt Murdock’s answering machine

“This ain’t your neighborhood no more! Kitchen belongs to the Kingpin, now!” ~ Thug

“New York is not a safe place tonight. That’s all you need to know.” ~ Nikolas Natchios

“What do you want, Urich? Does all this make you happy? Looks like you got your story.” ~ Detective Nick Manolis

“They say the Kingpin doesn’t just kill you, he kills your whole family. I think your girl’s in trouble.” ~ Ben Urich

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“You said to look out for anything weird, yes? Well, it’s some pretty weird shit right here, man, right?” ~ Jack Kirby, the forensic assistant

“Matt Murdock:
You’re going to need to be a little more specific.”

What are you…”

“Matt Murdock:
Blind? Yeah.”

Is there anything else?”

Yeah, I want a bloody costume.”

“Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson:
It’s in black and white, how can you be a skeptic?”

“Matt Murdock:
If there’s no eye witnesses, I mean… big foot has eye witnesses.”

How do you kill a man without fear?”

By puttin’ the fear in him.”

And how did you get past my security?”

Oh, you mean that guy?”

Was that really necessary?”

Necessary? No, it was fun.”

He… made me… miss.”

You know what they say, too much pride can kill a man.”

Let’s bring on the pain. Let’s bring on the noise.”

I’m not the bad guy, kid.”

I don’t understand.”

I’m not the bad guy.”

“Matt Murdock:
Her name’s Elektra Natchios.”

“Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson:
Well, she sounds like a Mexican appetizer.”

“Matt Murdock:
It’s Greek, genius. Her father’s Nikolas Natchios.”

“Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson:
The billionaire?”

“Matt Murdock:
Yeah, see? The billionaire.”

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“Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson:
Well, then as your attorney in this matter I advise you to marry the woman immediately.”

“Matt Murdock:
Do you do this to every guy who asks for your name?”

You should try asking for my number.

I missed? I… never… miss.”

Come on Orphan, lets play.”

“Matt Murdock:
You’re holding back.”


“Matt Murdock:

“You killed the only two people I’ve ever loved. Why?”

Business. It’s always business. I was working for Fallon back then. You’re father was supposed to throw a fight. And your little girlfriend? Well, she was just in the wrong family at the wrong time.”

“Matt Murdock:
Mr. Quesada, for your sake, I hope justice is found in this court today… before justice finds you.”

“Matt Murdock:
So does every guy have to go through this just to find out your name?”

You should try asking for my number.”

“Flight Attendant:
Anything else I can get you, sir?”

More peanuts… please.”

“Jack Murdock:
You can do anything if you’re not afraid.”

“Ben Urich:
Cool color.”

“Matt Murdock:
I wouldn’t know.”

But you should know, that the only reason I got dressed up for this thing… was that I wanted to look beautiful for you.”

They say that right before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. That’s true, even for a blind man.”

“Jose Quesada:
What do *you* want?”


You sure you’re blind?”

“Matt Murdock:
You sure you don’t want to tell me your name?”


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