Danny Trejo Tops The List Of Most Deaths By An Actor


Villains form an important role in the movie even antiheroes. But one of the hardest things that they have to endure is dying and some actors are pretty much typecast in it. I mean why not. For a decade Meg Ryan did nothing but romantic comedies for which we are so thankful. But getting whisked away with the love of your life is significantly different from dying.

And someone is the king of it Danny Trejo to be specific. He is a pretty amicable dude off screen but on screen h must rub people the wrong way to die so many times. According to the list compiled by Buzz Bingo (via Bloody Disgusting), he has died an awful 65 times not counting his off screen deaths such as one he endured in flash when the entire multiverse got destroyed in an energy wave which also killed his fan favourite character Breacher, leader of Earth-19’s inter-dimensional law enforcement team the Collectors who became entangled with then-Earth-1’s Team Flash when his daughter Cynthia (Jessica Camacho) started dating Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes). The thing with this death is that it can be reversed as the multiverse was re-established again. So there is a huge possibility that we might see him again something he would also gladly do citing his love for the environment the team of Flash has created.

He is followed in this list by Christopher Lee’s 60 on-screen deaths. Lance Henriksen comes in third with 51.

It also showed that women are less likely to die on screen than males well Game of thrones will disagree. The chart is topped by Shelley Winters with 20 deaths followed by Julianne Moore with 17 and Jennifer Jason Leigh with 14.

The list also showcased which actors are most likely to take the bullet with Kit Harington topping the men’s list with 62.5 percent and A.J. Cook topping the female list at 50 percent chance of death.


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