Creed 3 Goes Further Into Development


A series gets the iconic mark only when it gets the stamp of approval. This stamp of approval comes from time. Time is what decides whether the movie will be a classic or not. People still don’t know if Harry Potter will ever be a classic, but we do know that James Bond and Gone with the wind is a classic. A classic of epic proportions. Because James Bond still continues to rule the screens in its modern reiterations, and Gone with the wind still manages to capture hearts with the insanely conflicting story of Scarlet O’ Hara. But would the same be said about Harry Potter 30 or 40 years down the line. Well we shall see.

Another franchise which sort of has gained this classic stature is none other Rocky. The franchise of Rocky over the years has grown to be much more than the story of a mere boxer. It has become the story of underdogs. How they can defeat anything and everything and become the best. That is what the story is all about in its core and essence.

It has been followed by a sequel series titled Creed which has also been successful, so much so that after the first Rocky movie it became the second movie to give Sylvester Stallone an acting nomination in Oscars.

Seeing the amazing performance this series put forward with its two movies there was no doubt that a third instalment would be in place and now we have concrete information that it has gone into development. It has been revealed through credible sources that Zach Baylin will be penning the script for Creed III. His recent works include theupcoming film King Richard, which will star Will Smith as the father of Serena and Venus Williams.

Though we don’t know anything concrete this movie like the previous two will also follow Adonis Creed played by Michael. B Jordan. A director has not been attached but a lot of speculations a few months ago directed towards Jordan as a possible option, everyone sort of expected him to don this role just like Stallone did in his third outing.

Though this is huge news but we still don’t have any release date and may not have one for the foreseeable future considering that all the actors involved in the franchise are super busy.


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