Colin Reveals The Title Of The Upcoming Jurassic World Movie


If the recent years have taught us anything it is that we love our franchises. We love sitting on the seats of the theatre waiting patiently over the course of 5, 7 or 10 movies to see how our favourite characters end up. All in all it means that we are into everything for a long haul. Studios have also tapped into that finding ways to make any successful movie of theirs a franchise in any way possible. But before this “franchise” trend was in fashion it was achieved by certain iconic movies. Some of them being Harry Potter, Planet of the apes and Jurassic Park.

All of them  have come back in recent years in one form or the other. But none have made a splash like Jurassic Park which returned for its sequel trilogy under the title Jurassic World. Dealing with Sequel trilogy is hard, if you don’t believe me go ask Star Wars. Their sequel trilogy though amazingly profitable generated strong reactions from the fandom all throughout its run. But Jurassic World has been revered and adored by its fandom all over the world. It has been well appreciated. Maybe it was the amazing effects or the chemistry between the leads played by Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt. But honestly a majority of the appreciation came because of the increased stakes. It literally makes you feelthat everyone is in danger.

They proved it when they let the dinosaurs go loose in the last movie titled Fallen Kingdom, which literally destroyed the social dichotomy of the world and also out it in a lot of danger. A short movie released after that showed how much of destruction it caused making us more impatient for the third movie. Well we are now well in track of it as a recent post by the director Colin Trevorrow revealed that the shooting is underway. Not only that it also showed the title which is Jurassic World: Dominion. The excitement regarding this instalment is high as it has been tagged as the sixth movie of the saga bringing everyone together according to star Chris Pratt. It will feature the return of the original trio Sam Neil, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum. Talking about their return and why didn’t they come earlier Colin said

“We’d have had to come up with a reason why Ellie, Malcolm and Grant all went to the theme park on the exact same day it broke down – again,” Trevorrow said regarding their absence in the first film. “The next film allows the legacy characters to be a part of the story in an organic way. Emily Carmichael and I call it Jurassic Park VI because it is.”

“You start asking the most basic questions: who are these people now?” Trevorrow said. “What do they make of the new world they’re living in, and how do they feel about being part of its history? Ultimately it will be in collaboration with the actors. They know and love these characters. We’ll do it together.”



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