Clue Reboot Moves Forward In Development With James Bobin


In this era of reboots it’s not quite a shock that a reboot of the cult move Clue is being eyed. It was one of the most experimental movies of its time and had a mind boggling ending or endings to be specific, that has till date not been overcome by any other movie.

As reported earlier Ryan Reynolds who has a first look deal with Fox, is very much interested in helming this reboot. It has also been discovered that Muppets Most Wanted director James Bobin is in talks to direct the feature. Earlier the job was to go to Jason Bateman but he backed out due to his commitments towards the Netflix series Ozark. The script will come from Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and Reynolds will in all probability star in the movie. The rest of the cast which by the standards of original script will be lot has still not been rounded.

The original film had different characters with each having their own issue turn up to the dinner party and get mysteriously murdered one by one. At the end Tim Curry’s infamous character of the butler, reveals the killer. This is where the uniqueness of the movie comes to light as the characters offers three plausible ending. Each theatre got one ending. So if you wanted to see the other ending you had to go to another theatre. Good business and a very attractive plot strategy. Though the home media released all the endings together.

The film through its ending mimicked a video game whose ending also changed depending on how we play the game.

Wernick stated that the movie will probably be R rated. Deadpool’s crew is involved and they are particular fans of the rating so it is not a surprise. And the movie also provides a lot of occasions for goriness.


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