Chucky To Be Reimagined As A Tv Series On Syfy


It is very painful to say but the truth is hard core fans of Child play’s franchise were extremely disheartened by the latest entry of the franchise which came last year. Though we love reboots, Sequels and spin offs the networks need to understand that the only way to ensure the longevity of the series you need to have original actors as well as the team. Because it is them that made the material so special in the first place. It can be argued that a change in the original cast and the team has led the franchise slowly into dwindling as the first four movies of the series literally shook the box office.

But seems like the Chucky lovers wouldn’t have to wait for long as the band has come back together with creator Don Mancini bringing a TV series based on the franchise on Syfy. Not only him but the original voice actor who became Chucky, Brad Dourif is also returning. Amidst all of these news it was constantly speculated whether Jennifer Tilly who played Chucky’s lover and partner in crime (literally), Tiffany Valentine would return or not. But now the confirmation has come straight from the horse’s mouth, Tilly that she will be reprising her role.

Last time Tilly as Valentine appeared in the 2017 entry of the franchise Cult of Chucky, which released on Netflix. This movie reinvigorated the franchise in a major way by opening it to a huge number of scopes. In the movie Chucky and Valentine essentially makes a large number of copies of their literal soul and distributes it to various doll and human forms. All this is taking a toll on Andy Barclay, who first found the Chucky doll inhabiting the soul of killer Charles Lee Ray.

“…I saw an opportunity to reinvent the franchise yet again,” Mancini shared with the Post Mortem Podcast in 2019. “One of the things that has kept the franchise alive and thriving for so long is that we’ve reinvented it in different ways, by making it a comedy, and then back to horror. But the sheer storytelling real estate of doing eight to 10 episodes… will allow us to delve into characters and relationships in a way that we’re never afforded in just a 90-minute movie. That’s really exciting to me. We’re going to be able to explore different avenues with different characters that are among fan favourites. A lot of times people will say, ‘What’s Tiffany’s back story?’ and ‘What about Glen or Glenda?’ All these different avenues. Now we have a way of exploring all of this, and that’s really exciting.”


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