Bale In Negotiations To Enter MCU


Christian Bale is going to be in a superhero movie but he is not going to be Batman. Yes you heard it right, Bale who is known worldwide for being a cape crusader who has saved millions of lives in Gotham in Nolan’s trilogy is reportedly entering negotiations to enter MCU more specifically Thor’s sequel. As humongous it is fans were genuinely surprised by this as nobody expected him to do this, after straying away from franchise movies for so many years.

As it is known that Bale does not like to repeat himself. And Marvel would als not want an actor who has played a DC hero before to don one of their heroes therefore it is more than likely that he will be playing a villain.

After hearing the news fans started speculating as to who might Bale play in the upcoming movies. Thor comic writer Jason Aaron further stirred the pot by suggesting Bale should play Dario Agger, the villainous Roxxon oil company CEO possessing the ability to transform into the Minotaur.

But according to the reports Bale is definitely playing a villain but not Dario. He will be the main villain in the movie a leader of the otherworldly creatures aka aliens who has waged war against the god who failed to help him in his time of need.

According to many Marvel lovers this could be Gorr the God Butcher, a being from an alien world who swore to ride the universe of “gods” like Thor. This character would also fit the physicality of Bale perfectly.

The character also appears in the storyline where Thor becomes unworthy of Mjolnir and Jane Foster took his spot a route MCU is surely taking.

Considering what Bale has done till now he will definitely fit any character MCU throws at him.


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