A Fantastic Footage From Han Solo Movie Show Chewbacca Losing His Temper (Video)


Tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story are now available, meaning the promotional campaign is about to kick into high gear. Lucasfilm has just released the Chinese trailer for the movie which features the first dialogue from Paul Bettany’s Dryden Vos as well as Han wondering aloud who his co-pilot will be. We will see a disgruntled Chewbacca playing Dejarik for the very first time.

The Chinese trailer of Solo is similar to the American trailer that was released some time ago, with some new shots and dialogue. The new addition is the voice of Paul Bettany’s Dryden Vos, who is also featured in the latest TV spot. In this trailer, the fans see him with a weapon in his hand, warning Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich that he will have to live the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.

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Young Han Solo looks conflicted in the promotional material for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but he also makes rash decisions. He is much more than willing to join sides with Tobias Beckett who is working out a deal with Dryden Vos. Elsewhere, Donald Glover’s LandoCalrissian is seen declaring that he “likes this kid.” However, he doesn’t realize that he’s about to lose the Millennium Falcon to “this kid” when he professes his fondness for the arrogant young Solo.

Overall, the new promotional footage shows John Williams’ iconic “Asteroid Theme,” which has excited many Star Wars fans. Overall the trailers and TV spots have been very careful not to give too much away. Ron Howard who has been  doing press for Solo has been very tight-lipped about the movie, even though we all know it’s going to be shown thanks to previous promotional material as well as merchandise.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will release in cinemas on May 25th, but will be screened at the Cannes Festival on May 10th. Pre-sale tickets have already surpassed that of  Marvel’s Black Panther. You can check out the latest Chinese Solo trailer below as well as the new TV spot down below.


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