30 Superheroes That DC And Marvel Shamelessly Copied From Each Other, How The Hell Was This Allowed?


Imitation is surely the most sincere form of flattery, isn’t it? Well, it is also not a surprise that when there are two major players in the comic book industry, a few of their characters will be similar.

Whether it is a generalization (Doom Patrol/X-Men) or… very specific, like cat women burglars who wear a black spandex suit and team-up and even sleep with their rivals (Catwoman/Black Cat), DC and Marvel have had a lot of similarities in their characters.

DC and Marvel have been known to even acknowledge this. There was a time when DC and Marvel got together for the Amalgam universe, and they had met their counterparts from an alternate universe.

Here, we have highlighted how bad the similarities can get at times, and this list has the most shameless Marvel and DC analogs:

1. Catwoman and Black Cat

2. Deathstroke and Deadpool

3. Darkseid and Thanos

4. Bumblebee and Wasp

5. Green Arrow and Hawkeye

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6. Aquaman and Namor

7. The Flash and Quicksilver

8. Swamp Thing and Man-Thing

9. Elongating Man and Mister Fantastic

10. The Atom and Hank Pym

11. Dr. Fate and Doctor Strange

12. Green Lantern Corps and Nova corps

13. Killer Croc and The Lizard

14. Deadshot and Bullseye

15. Thunderbolts and Suicide Squad

16. Guardian and Captain America

17. Galactus and Imperiex

18. Superman and The Sentry

19. Superman and Gladiator

20. Lobo and Wolverine

21. Cyborg and Deathlok

22. Zatanna and Scarlet Witch

23. Iron Man and Rocket Red

24. Batman and Iron Man

25. Solomon Grundy and Hulk

26. Hawkman and Falcon

27. Batman and Captain America

28. Doom Patrol and the X-Men

29. Black Lightning and Electro

30. The Owl and the Penguin


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