Castlevania To Have Its Season 3 Out On March 5th


Netflix has been achieving one success after another. They have been great and amazing in their strategy, choice and promotion of their shows. Apart from The Witcher one of their strongest debut in recent years has been Castlevania. If you have not heard about it you are really missing something very entertaining and ground breaking in your life. The first season was a critical as well a commercial success paving the way for a new season containing more episodes and now a third season has been commissioned which will soon have premier on the streaming device.

All the core creative team members are slated to return. The show will continue to be Directed and written by Samuel Deats and Warren Ellis respectively. Warren Ellis will also serve as the executive producer of the Series. Adi Shankar, Fred Seibert, and Kevin Kolde will also produce the series.

The plot or synopsis of the third season is very much a mystery and anything could happen or take place in the upcoming episodes. Our favourite trio will continue to go on their crazy adventures. But with the major change and shift that occurred in the finale of the second season the door is open for excitement and adrenaline, any way the series goes or shapes up.

Both the first two seasons are streaming on Netflix right now. The show has also been getting a lot of attention and love from everywhere so much so that die-hard fans are organising a campaign to get it Emmy attention which is being spearheaded by producer Adi Shankar.

The series is based on the video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse from 1989, which also followed Trevor Belmont as he tried to take down Dracula, who had become a vampire lording over much of Europe.


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