Casting Details For Sandman Surfaces


DC and Marvel has always had a complicated rivalry on screen. Marvel came out with Spiderman and X Men, so DC gave befitting reply in the form of Batman, The Dark Knight trilogy. But with the blow up and existence of Marvel Cinematic Universe under the tutelage of Disney, it is not wrong to say that Marvel has the screen battle in its back pocket and that too by a huge margin.

But TV and Series that is a different ball game altogether, and Dc has mastered it, albeit unknowingly. They had no idea that Arrowverse would become the success it evolved into. They were so unsure of it that they did not invest their movie property into it, until very recently in the form of Ezra Miller’s appearance on Crisis, which actually could have been beneficial.

Crisis was a one of a kind event that brought together everything. Arrowverse brought past, present and future of DC extended universe all together under one roof. And we just have one thing to say that even without Oliver Queen, the hope is not all lost.

We have shows like Superman and Lois, Ezra Miller’s Flash and many more shows that we can look forward to. One of those shows which though did not make an appearance on the mega even is still very anticipated by DC fans all over the world and that is Sandman.

The quest to make this comic into a live action adaptation has been on for many years. So when it was realised in the form of a deal with Netflix, fans couldn’t be happier. And now casting information about our beloved protagonists and antagonists have also surfaced.

As franchise co-creator Neil Gaiman said previously that the show will follow the comics very closely, so the characteristics and fundamental features of the characters are expected to be maintained.

The description for Morpheus and Corinthian were as follows,

Morpheus will be tall and slender having two stars in place of his eyes. He will be slow to understand the subtleties of humor and even slower to forgive, with a tendency to become self-obsessed. Casting for him will be colour blind.

Corinthian on the other hand will be a Caucasian man aged 30-34 with a seductive air about him.


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