100+ Carl Fredricksen Quotes From Dug’s Special Mission Movie

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These Carl Fredricksen quotes are from Dug’s Special Mission movie. There are so many Carl Fredricksen quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Carl Fredricksen quotes exists just do that.

Carl Fredricksen is the hero in Up. He likewise showed up in Dug’s Special Mission as a supporting character and in George and A.J. as a minor character. In his childhood, Carl was an enthusiast of Charles F. Muntz, who steered his own independent blimp, the Spirit of Adventure.

At some point, while running down a walkway, claiming to guide his inflatable a customary blue inflatable with the words “Soul of Adventure” composed as an afterthought, Carl hears a voice originating from a weather beaten house. Inquisitive, Carl goes into the house and meets Ellie, a youthful spitfire and individual enthusiast of Charles F. Muntz, and they become dear companions in a flash.

Ellie’s surprising acquaintance causes Carl with discharge his inflatable, which stalls out in the upper room. With Ellie’s support, he attempts to get it back by intersection a solitary wooden board over the second floor of the house. Nonetheless, the wooden board breaks, and Carl winds up breaking his arm.

Soon thereafter, Ellie visits him at his room restoring his inflatable to him and shows Carl her mystery Adventure Book. She likewise advises Carl of her arrangements to go to Paradise Falls, a similar spot Charles F. Muntz had visited on his ongoing campaign to catch an intriguing animal.

A long time later, Carl and Ellie get hitched and they start modifying the old house, making it their home. Ellie turns into a visit manage for a zoo and Carl turns into an inflatable sales rep, working one next to the other.

They experience numerous phases of their coexistence (at a certain point, anticipating a tyke, just to discover that Ellie is barren) and dream of going to Paradise Falls in South America. Due to general life costs and Ellie’s maturing, they become unequipped for making the excursion. Ellie bites the dust calmly and Carl lives as a desolate, old single man a while later.

After Ellie’s demise, Carl has turned out to be forlorn, cantankerous, and unpleasant and misses his significant other awfully. Despite the fact that with Russell’s assistance he wound up more pleasant. Carl has the run of the mill difficult character of a man his age however where it counts he’s a benevolent individual, yet has his cutoff points in tolerance and temper.

He discovers Russell, Dug, and Kevin to be inconveniences and hindrances in his objective to satisfy Ellie’s fantasy of moving their home to Paradise Falls, yet after he read her last message to him, he makes the right decision by sparing Russell and Kevin, and by acknowledging Dug as his pooch.

When he lost his and Ellie’s home, he was disheartened yet acknowledged Ellie would have done likewise, expressing “It’s only a house”. Carl vouches for Russell at his service and gives him the youthful scout the exceptionally same soft drink container top that Ellie allowed him the day they met, having come to adore Russell as the child, or maybe grandson he never had.

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“Good boy, Dug. You’re a good boy.”

Carl Fredricksen best quotes

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“Tell your boss he can *have* our house.”

Carl Fredricksen famous quotes

“I see you back there!”

Carl Fredricksen popular quotes

“Oh Ellie, what have I gotten myself into…?”

Carl Fredricksen quotes

“It’s just a weird trick or something. Let’s get to the falls.”

Carl Fredricksen saying

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“[After fantasizing about a way to get Russell out of his house] Well, that’s not going to work.”

“[to Dug and Kevin] I don’t want you here, and I don’t want you here! [to Russell] I’m stuck with you!”

“[after Russell fails to climb up to the house using the hose] What, that’s it?! I came all this way… [echoing] …JUST TO GET STUCK AT THE WRONG END OF

“[from teaser] Afternoon.”

“Can you stay? Why, you’re my dog, aren’t you? And I’m your master!”

“This is crazy. I finally meet my childhood hero and he’s trying to kill us. What a joke.”

“Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called “See Who Can Be Quiet the Longest”.”

“When I’m dead!”

“[after his house hits a cliff and shatters a window] I am nobody’s master, got it? I don’t want you here”

“and I don’t want you here!”

“addressing Russell] I’m stuck with you, but if you two don’t clear out of here by the time I count to three…”

“You want it, boy?”

“Huh? Huh?”

“Go get it!”

“Russell, give me some chocolate.”

“[calling out] We have your dog!”

“I wonder who he belongs to?”

“[He and Russell make surprised exclamations] Did that dog just say “Hi there”?”

“It’s not possible!”

“Russell, don’t touch that. It could be… radioactive or something.”

“Yes, yes, take it! And on the way, learn how to bark like a real dog!”

“Which knee?”

“What are you doing out here, kid?”

“[opens the door] Oh, all right. You can come…”

“I don’t want your help, I want you safe.”

“Nyaa! None of my concern!”

“That doesn’t even rhyme!”

“I can’t tell where we are.”

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“GP what?”

“[after throwing both a ball and chocolate into the jungle to get rid of Dug and Kevin, Carl runs with his house for a considerable distance] There. We should’ve gone enough. We should be rid of them now.”

“You’d better get up, Russell. Or else, the tigers will come and eat you.”

“[amused] Oh, did you now?”

“Oh, yes. They’re very tall.”

“They do, indeed!”

“Ye… chocolate?”

“Gaah! What is that thing?”

“[to Kevin] Get off my roof!”

“I am not your master!”

“Russell, at this rate we’ll never get to the falls!”

“Don’t touch that! You’ll soil it.”

“[pulling on rope] Don’t jerk around so much, kid -”

“[back in reality] Well, that’s not gonna work.”

“[Having arrived above Paradise Falls in South America, miles from where they took off] Don’t worry, I’ll get you down, find a Bus Stop.”

“[to Russell] Now, we’re gonna walk to the falls quickly and quietly with no rap music or flashdancing.”

“We have three days, at best, before the helium leaks out of those balloons. And if we’re not at the falls when that happens…”

“we’re not getting to the falls.”

“[looks up at his house, through a window, to where a picture of old Ellie hangs on the wall] Don’t you worry, Ellie. We’ll get our house over there.”

“[George and A.J. walk up to Carl’s door and A.J. knocks on it. Carl opens the door] Morning, gentlemen.”

“[chuckles] Ready as I’ll ever be. Would you do me a favor and take this?”

“I’ll meet you at the van in just a minute. I, uh, wanna say one last goodbye to the old place.”

“Ah, ha ha ha! So long, boys! I’ll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!”

“You know… it’s just a house.”

“No. Yes. Tell your boss over there that you boys are ruining our house.”

“I believe I made my position to your boss quite clear.”

“[snickers] Oh, yeah, that was good.”

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“This is none of my concern.”


“I AM NOT YOUR MASTER! AND YOU DIDN’T SHOW UP, NONE OF THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED. BAD DOG! BAD DOG! Now whether you assist me or not, I am going to Paradise Falls, if it kills me.”

“[to a contractor trying to get Carl to move out] You in the suit! Yes, you! Take a bath, hippie!”

“[watching from his doorway] Why… Hey! Hey you!”

“What do you… What do you think you’re doing?”

“Don’t touch that!”

“Get away from our mailbox!”

“I don’t want you to touch it!”

“[confused] What? You can, smell us?”

“You’ve been camping before, haven’t you?”

“Well, why didn’t you ask your dad how to build a tent?”

“Why don’t you try him sometime? Maybe he’ll surprise you.”

“He’s got to be home sometime.”

“Phyllis? You call your own mother by her first name?”

“[sheepish] Oh.”

“So you want to assist an old person?”

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“[looks around furtively, then leans in close] Have you ever heard of a Snipe?”

“Bird. Beady eyes. Every night it sneaks in my yard and gobbles my poor azaleas. I’m elderly and infirm. I can’t catch it. If only someone could help me…”

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s awfully crafty. You’d have to clap your hands three times to lure it in.”

“I think its burrow is two blocks down. If you go past…”

“[smirks] Bring it back here when you find it!”

“[Walking outside] Russell?”

“Russell, what are you doing?”

“Russell, No!”

“Once you get to the Porch, find a rope, and pull me up. Got it?”

“Are you on the Porch yet?”

“That’s it? I came all this way just to end up on the Wrong Side of this Rock Pile?”

“[Depressed] Now what am I gonna do?”

“Well, that could work.”


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