40+ Captain Richard Phillips Quotes From Captain Phillips Movie

Captain Richard Phillips popular quotes

These Captain Richard Phillips quotes are from Captain Phillips Movie There are so many Captain Richard Phillips quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Captain Richard Phillips quotes exists just do that.

Chief Richard Phillips assumes responsibility for MV Maersk Alabama, an unarmed holder sent from the Bursling Port of Salalah in Oman, with requests to cruise through the Guardafui Channel to Mombasa, Kenya.

Careful about privateer movement off the shoreline of the Horn of Africa, he and First Officer Shane Murphy request exacting security safeguards on the vessel and complete practice drills. During a drill, the vessel is pursued by Somali privateers in two boats, and Phillips calls for assistance.

Realizing that the privateers are tuning in to radio traffic, he professes to call a warship, mentioning prompt air support. One boat pivots accordingly, and the other manned by four intensely equipped privateers driven by Abduwali Muse loses motor power attempting to direct through Maersk Alabama’s wake.

The following day, Muse’s dinghy, presently fitted with two detachable motors, comes back with a similar four privateers on board. Notwithstanding the best endeavors of Phillips and his team, the privateers secure their stepping stool to the Maersk Alabama.

As they board, Phillips advises the group to stow away in the motor room and enables himself to be caught. He offers Muse the $30,000 in the ships sheltered, yet Muse’s requests are to emancipate the ship and group in return for many dollars of protection cash from the delivery organization.

While they search the ship, Murphy sees that the most youthful privateer Bilal does not have shoes and advises the team to fix the motor room lobby with broken glass. Boss Engineer Mike Perry slices capacity to the ship, diving the lower decks into murkiness.

Bilal cuts his feet when they arrive at the motor room, and Muse keeps on looking through alone. The team individuals snare Muse, holding him at knifepoint, and mastermind to discharge him and different privateers into a raft.

In any case, Muse’s correct hand man Nour Najee won’t board the raft with Muse except if Phillips goes with them. When all are on the raft, Najee assaults Phillips, driving him into the vessel before propelling the pontoon with every one of them five ready.

As the raft sets out toward Somalia, strains flare between the privateers as they run low on the plant-based amphetamine khat and lose contact with their mom dispatch. Najee winds up unsettled and attempts to persuade the others to murder Phillips.


They are later blocked by the U.S. Naval force destroyer USS Bainbridge. Bainbridge’s commander Frank Castellano is requested to keep the privateers from arriving at the Somali coast by any and all conceivable means. Notwithstanding when extra ships arrive, Muse attests that he has overcome much and won’t give up.

The arbitrators can’t alter his perspective and a DEVGRU SEAL group parachutes in to intercede, while Phillips makes a fruitless endeavor to escape from the raft before being immediately recovered and over and over beaten by Najee.

While three SEAL marksmen get into positions, Castellano and the SEALs keep on attempting to locate a quiet arrangement, in the long run taking the raft under tow. Dream consents to board Bainbridge, where he is informed that his family older folks have touched base to arrange Phillips’ payoff.

In the raft, Phillips readies a farewell letter to his better half in the event that he is murdered, while Najee chooses to take full control. Najee spots Phillips composing the letter and beats him further. Phillips fights back by wrestling Najee until Bilal curbs Phillips by striking him in the back with his AK-47, harming him. Najee persuades Bilal and Elmi that Phillips must be executed.

The privateers tie up and blindfold Phillips, leaving him to state his last farewells. As the privateers get ready to shoot Phillips, Bainbridge’s team stops the tow, causing Bilal and Najee to lose balance.

This gives the marksmen three clear shots and they all the while slaughter every one of the three privateers. Dream is captured and arrested for theft. Phillips is protected from the raft and treated. Despite the fact that in stun and perplexed, he thanks the salvage group for sparing his life.

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“We cannot attack a herd. This one is alone.”

Tom Hanks stars in Columbia Pictures' "Captain Phillips."

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“Captain Phillips is free. All your friends are dead.”

Columbia Pictures' "Capt. Phillips," starring Tom Hanks.

“I know this is our life but the world is moving so fast.”

Captain Richard Phillips popular quotes “Stick together and we will be alright.”

Captain Richard Phillips quotes

“There’s gotta be something other than being a fisherman and kidnapping people.”

Captain Richard Phillips saying

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“Walk me through the plan.”

“I want everything locked. Even in port.”

“Knowing they were entering hostile waters with a history of piracy, Phillips gave his team the gift of advanced training.”

“After warding off an initial pirate attack, Phillips had to confront a group of disgruntled union workers and re-focus them on the job at hand.”

“4 misguided Somali pirates turned the world upside-down for a few days. Imagine what millions of unified, passionate Christians could do with the power of God.”
“Throughout the movie, Phillips gave his crew, and later the military, hints through terms only they would understand. All great organizations have a tribal language. What is your’s?”

“I advised churches to look out for broken glass on the floor – past mistakes, trust issues, etc… One of pirates did not own a pair of shoes. The crew neutralized his effectiveness walking him through broken glass on the floor.”

“The problem isn’t me talking. It’s you not listening.”

“I’ve come too far. I can’t give up.”

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“You’re not just a fisherman.”

“We all got bosses.”

“Phillips tells Muse, “There’s got to be something more than being a fisherman and kidnapping people.” To which Muse replies, “Maybe in America.” America needs to stop apologizing. Even those who seem to hate us know what a great country we are privileged to live in.”

“You could have had $30,000 and been in Somalia.”

“As Phillips felt he was about to die, it was interesting what he said. All his thoughts were on his family – not his job, hobbies, or other things we put in primary positions of our life.”

“Stop The Tow. Execute.”

“Excellence become average and expected when that is all you deliver. After killing the pirates, the SEALS quietly packed up their gear and just walked away.”

“You’re safe now.”


“You had thirty thousand dollars, and a way to Somalia. It wasn’t enough?”

“We all got bosses.”

“6 million dollars? So what are you doing here?”

“The problem isn’t me talking. The problem is you not listening.”

“Yeah. Is that it?”

“They’re not here to fish.”

“You said this was just business. Is this business? Is this how you do business?”

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“Listen up. We have been boarded by four armed pirates. You know the drill. We stay hidden no matter what. I don’t want any hostages. We stay locked down until help arrives. No one comes out until you hear the non-duress password from me which is “suppertime.”

“If the pirates find you, remember, you know this ship. They don’t. Make them feel like they’re in charge but keep them away from the important things like the generator and the engine controls. Stick together… and we’ll be all right. Good luck.”

“You’re not just a fisherman! You’re not just a fisherman!”


“Well, I feel the same way, Ange.”

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“They sure are. I’ll tell you something. It’s not gonna be easy for our kids. They’ll be going into a different world than the one you and I came into.”

“It was like the engineer had broken some code of the sea that said you must assist pirates in taking over your ship.”

“(Without the merchant marine, there is no Walmart.)”

“Listen up, we have been boarded by armed pirates. If they find you, remember, you know this ship, they don’t. Stick together and we’ll be all right. Good luck.”

“You’re not just a fisherman! You’re not just a fisherman!”

“[to Muse] You said this was just business! Is this how you do business?”


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