Captain America’s Shield Goes On Auction For A Noble Cause


Avengers has been a hugely famous property for Marvel and they have been able to capitalize on it mainly because of the fandom associated with it. People go gaga over it. Their popularity mainly stemmed from the comics but on screen it got the huge heights of popularity because of Chris Evans’ portrayal. His devotion to the cause even at personal cost is something that exuded with fans all over the world and made him an instant favourite. His semi retirement Bin the movie stung fans and reduced them to tears.

But as we all must know that an actor’s personal life also effects his effect on the audience and Evans’ personality surely helped in soaring his popularity . His amazing demeanour with fans has made him a favourite among fans. But now with his recent deed he has become a bonafide superhero in our eyes.

He posted on his twitter account a picture of his extremely popular shield, to auction it for the benefit of Girl Powerful, a youth empowerment program designed to give female youth the tools to build a strong sense of self. It has already been donated to this organisation but Chris Evans’ involvement will surely give them some good bucks.

His post read

Hey guys, you have a chance to win a screen-used Captain America shield from Avengers: Endgame to support @GirlPowerful__ who are community leaders in real life. Only 4 days left to enter a piece of Marvel history.

Well the next three days will be very busy for Marvel Fans all over the world. The donations will begin from $10 for 100 entries and cap off at $1000 for 50,000 entries.


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