Captain America Trolled Star Lord In This Hilarious Birthday Tweet


To celebrate Pratt’s birthday, Evans mocked his friend on Twitter, sharing his and his beloved dog’s opinion about the character of Star-Lord.

Evans tweeted a photo of his dog lifting his leg and wetting a sign reading, “Property of Star-Lord Dogs Beware!!!”

 The photo was accompanied by a message from Evans to Pratt. “Happy Birthday @prattprattpratt from me and this giver of zero f*cks. We hope you’re getting showered with affection today.”

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Although a number of Avengers: Infinity War actors have been doing funny things on Twitter, there is a long history of Pratt and Evans using the social media platform to name each other. There was even an online bet between them once.

Evans is a loyal fan of the New England Patriots, whereas Pratt loves Seattle Seahawks. As the two teams readied to play in the Super Bowl, there was a Twitter bet between Evans and Pratt, and according to the bet, the fan of the losing side will have to visit a Children’s hospital in the city of the winning team, in the garb of their Marvel character.

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Evans emerged victorious, and Pratt landed up in Boston in his complete Star-Lord costume. Even though he had won, Evans also put on his Captain America suit and visited a hospital in Seattle, and it is clear that the actual plan was for both of them to visit hospitals irrespective of who won the bet.

The two Chris’ as well as Thor star Chris Hemsworth,  were recently seen in Avengers: Infinity War and we will see the trio again in Avengers 4 in May 2019.


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