20 Most Rib-Tickling Captain America Memes


Marvel Comics has been around for several decades, but, Captain America is an iconic comic book hero who predates even the brand he currently belongs to. Iconic cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created this supersoldier loyal to America during the peak of the second world war. His comic book debut was in Captain America Comics #1 in March 1941 published by Marvel’s predecessor Timely Comics. The character’s debut was certainly well-timed as it turned out to be Timely’s most loved character during the days of the war. Later Marvel relaunched the character in 1964, and the character’s popularity surged.

Captain America is in fact, the supersoldier Steve Rogers and he happens to be among the most respected, moralistic, compassionate and popular superhero. He is always optimistic, courageous and ready to undertake any mission to protect the world. He is loved by comic book fans all over the world, and the most endearing thing about Captain America is that he is down to Earth and always cares about his fellow Avengers and public. Yet, as is with any popular characters, he is the source of inspiration for some mightily hilarious memes, and we have compiled below select few to make you LOL!

20. He Is Watching!

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19. Poor Captain Jack Sparrow!

18. Captain Sikh America!

17. Hawww!

16. Facial Expressions!

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15. Haha!

14. Ohh No!

13. LMAO!

12. Awkward!

11. The Team Cap!

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10. Kitty Cap!

9. He Is Totally Funny!

8. Aww!

7. Expectations Vs Reality!

6. Sad!

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5. He Is Coming!

4. Hammer Time!

3. Ooo!

2. Hehe!

1. LOL!


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