35 Funniest Captain America And Winter Soldier Memes


We love superheroes, and our love for the crusaders of justice, hope, and saviors of the world has only increased manifold after Marvel Cinematic Universe came into being. When we talk of superheroes, it is inevitable that the discussion will veer towards superhero friendships and team-ups. The bond that we see between guys like Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes is not something that we see every day. Although the multiverses feature a number of childhood buddies and team members, there are not many who have withstood the test of time, the way Captain America and Winter Soldier have done. In fact, this becomes even rarer if we take into account stuff like cryogenic sleep, body experimentation, artificial limbs, death, brain manipulation, aliens and global crisis. Among the highlights of this friendship is one incident where everyone assumed Bucky sacrificed his life to save Steve. This eventually led to a full-fledged civil war between the Avengers on the subject of Bucky’s culpability in the bombing of UN.

Under normal circumstances, Captain and Bucky are the best friends, usually distanced by situations. No matter what, it is a fact that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes would do anything for each other. Unfortunately, the last time we saw Bucky, he crumbled into ashes before a helpless Steve Rogers. Well, to reflect upon their relationship, we have these 15 Captain America/Winter Soldier memes below:


1. Lol!

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2. Nooooo!

3. Yeah, Whatever!

4. Eat Snickers!

5. Ohh Yes!

6. Haha!

7. Lolz!!

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8. Sure!

9. Eat Another!

10. Why Why!!

11. Pokemon Go!

12. LMAO!


13. Aww!

14. Go Away!

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15. Find!!

16. Hilarious!

17. Poor Bucky!

18. Shut Up!

19. Stop Messing Barry!

20. Dreamy!

21. Cold War!

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22. Hehe

23. Bucky is Mind Controlled, again!

24. OMG

25. Aww

26. Bucky Deserves Better!

27. That moment…

28. Aww

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29. Same old stuff

30. Language, Bucky

31. Star Bucks

32. Bro Love

33. Hehehe

34. Nooooooo


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