Thanos Can Crush Hulk Like A Cockroach Even Though He Is Considered Over-Powered


Titans are the all-powerful creatures capable of levelling planets. Titans were the manifestation of the world around us. So what would happen when two titans of the Marvel universe go head-on in a battle of wills and strength? In this case, we are going to talk about Hulk vs Thanos, and who would win and why.
But before we move on to the death battle of these immensely powerful competitors let’s take a look at their individual stories, powers and abilities and strength scale so that we have a better idea of the gladiator match we are about to witness.


Thanos is a hybrid born of the Eternals that were a race created by the Marvel comic-verse also known as the Celestials. The Celestials were the creators of all life in the Marvel comic verse.

The Celestials had somewhat disturbed the balance of the universe, so in order to correct their mistakes, the celestials experimented on the life they had so created, which led to the segregation of the humans into three categories.

The first were a species that would become the source of trolls and monsters in the modern era. The second was the normal humans themselves that populated the planet earth. And lastly, the second variation of the human species was known only as the eternal. The Eternals were blessed with perfect genetic structure giving them perfect physical and mental attributes and longevity.

These Eternals decided to leave the planet earth and occupied a moon of Saturn called Titan. It was here that Thanos was born to the Eternal, with purple skin. His strength unrivaled and his intellect to match, Thanos assumed ruled Titan with an iron fist.

Thanos fell in love with Lady Death herself, who convinced her powerful lover that the universe was out of balance and needed to be restored to the universe and the only way to do so was by wiping out half the life in all of existence. Only this act would win Thanos Death’s favor.

This is what causes the Mad Titan to hunt for the infinity stones which he pursues with absolute strength and tyranny.

The Hulk

Bruce Banner was chosen by the United States government to research a way to restructure the super soldier serum that gave Captain America his capabilities. Banner theorized that it was gamma radiation that created the serum, so he tried experimenting with the radiation. A prolonged exposure to the radiation due to a botched experimentation procedure led to the radiation triggering and exposing something from within Banner.

The gamma radiation released the hulk, a creature of anger who dwelled inside Bruce Banner who could now be brought out physically giving Bruce Banner immense power, speed, and invulnerability only if Banner were to get angry. A power triggered by emotion, was first introduced in the comics and took the audience by storm. To think that a docile human being like Doctor Banner could transform into a raging hulk with nearly limitless power gave the audience goosebumps and made for some great comic panels. This also coined the iconic phrase “You won’t like me when I’m angry” and for a good reason too because Dr. Banner’s anger could lead to the destruction of cities if not entire countries.

The Incredible Hulk, was not only a brute with unlimited strength but also had dimensions to him that the fans were yet to understand. The power of hulk as immense as it was, had yet to meet an equal and just kept growing and growing as banner became more and more infuriated. The Hulk has limited logic understanding, as he is just a manifestation of Banner’s anger and his innate need for destruction when he does get angry.

Death Battle

Neither the hulk nor the Mad Titan is averse to killing, and hence the conditions for victory will be complete destruction and annihilation.

Also, it should be noted that Thanos is not in the possession of any infinity stones and the fight is between the original mad titan in his natural form and the incredible hulk. Although the hulk has many other transformations including the infamous World Breaker Hulk, the main combatant in this fight will be the Hulk himself and no one else.

Although it seems like a battle of strength, it is actually a battle of fortitude between fighters. The hulk is a massive beast with an unlimited strength that only grows as the battle drags on, but Thanos has destroyed entire planets and solar systems. Both parties have immense feats added to their name, and yet it looks like the scales tip in Banner’s favour.

This giant is not just one monster, and if the battle drags on, Thanos will never be able to take on the Hulk’s world breaker or Kluh versions. The Mad Titan has won in many encounters between these two, but each of these has been swift incapacitations by the mad Titan.


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