Bruce Campbell To Appear In Doctor Strange 2


We all know how messy this Sony Disney relation has been. But no matter how messy it 1has been a dream come true for Marvel fans. And. Honesty it has been extremely fruitful for all the parties involved. Disney got a hero extremely important for their phase 4 and Sony got someone to base off their well desired universe from. Things got a little messy in between but all seems right now. Thanks to a very emotionally charged call by Holland.

This phase is setting up to be very exciting mainly because of Sony’s involvement because Spiderman is literally a treasure if plethora of characters as well as a huge legacy on screen. In many ways the Sony- Raimi trilogy was a precedent for what was to come in terms of Superheroes on screen. If Reeves made Superheroes larger than life, McGuire brought him close to heart. Raimi’s direction made us falling love with him, through his trials and tribulations and root for his successes. The trilogy was literally made out of Raimi’s fibre. It was a lot Raimi’s spirit involved in it and maybe that’s why the trilogy shut shop when Raimi put his hand down. Spiderman trilogy was in a lot of way a precedent to what Disney was about to do. Surprisingly it was Sony who first had the idea to set up a universe through Spiderman characters. An idea through which Disney later made millions of dollars. Therefore it was quite surprising that Disney never bought Raimi into their gold considering how much of a legacy and success he had through Spiderman. But better late than never, speculations are rife that he is about to direct the Doctor Strange sequel titled Multiverse of Madness. Now this multiverse is making people think that Raimi would introduce the characters he intended for his fourth Spiderman the major one of which is Mysterio which he reported wanted his long time collaborator Bruce Campbell to play. Bruce Campbell due to his friendship appeared in all the three movies of the trilogy and was to get this iconic role in the fourth movie. But it did not come to be.

Maybe it happens now and we see the epic encounter of two Mysterios.


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