Borderland Adaptation In Works With A Director


Sonic The Hedgehog has been a huge hit in every way possible. It changed the direction of Paramount after giving a series of high profile flops and also marked the triumphant return of Jim Carrey to physical comedy. But it was also a huge opening for video game adaptation which till date didn’t enjoy that much of a success except for Pikachu. But now after the glorious run that Sonic is having it is obvious that market will be opening for more video game adaptations. At such a time a news about the adaptation of Borderland is huge. Not only that eagled eyed social media users also know that a director has been attached to it.

The report has come from the twitter account of Randy Pitchford that Eli Roth the highly acclaimed director of movies like Hostel will be directing this adaptation. This post has weight as Randy is the CEO of Gearbox. Though the post has since been deleted maybe because the announcement was made earlier than decided, but when information of such importance is released on internet it stays on it no matter what. That’s one lesson Randy should have learnt as its mishap with One piece gave fans the leak that its live action adaptation is at work.

The tweet had Roth’s photo put into the design of Borderland game.

The tweet read

“I’m very excited to welcome Eli Roth as Director of the Borderlands movie in development with Lionsgate and Arad Production,” Pitchford’s deleted tweet read. “Please welcome @eliroth to the team and be sure to catch the @GearboxOfficial Main Theater Show at #PAXEast on 2/27 to learn more. #borderlandsmovie.”

Eli Roth is known for his work in movies like Hostel and the horror hit Cabin Fever. Though at first glance it seems like an out of the box choice but now a days uniqueness works in the market. So who knows this might actually be a boon.

Fans are expecting that the news regarding Borderland adaptation will come at PAX as it is a place where Gearbox has a huge presence so they will definitely capitalise on that.


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