Marvel announces a new Black Widow series ahead of the movies’ release


Move over the movies, the comic books are set to give us a ride of the lifetime in 2020. With all the speculations about the Black Widow movie it was but obvious that Marvel Comics will make use of the generated publicity.

It has been recently announced that a new Black Widow series will be published just ahead of the movie’s release. The series will be written by Kelly Thompson and have art by Elena Casagrande.

In the last few years Black Widow has become one of the most famous characters of Marvel Universe. Partly because of her unique characterisation and huge presence in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

People not aware of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff, she was introduced as a Russian spy and finally became a member of the superhero team the Avengers.

She is an iconic figure in the Marvels fandom because of a variety of reasons, one of them being that she is the most well-known female superhero of the Marvel Universe.

Thompson praising the character said that Natasha can work well in a variety of genres. One of the major themes that she will explore in this series is her duality. She will both struggle against it and lean into it.

There will be various well known characters that will appear in this series such as Red Guardian and Yelena. Coincidentally both of these characters will be making their MCU debut in the upcoming Black Widow movie.

Contrary to popular perception Thompson was really on the fence on using them since they are already so involved in Black Widow’s lore. But fortunately for the fans she found a way to get them in this series.

As far as the villains are concerned Thompson teased that while some classic villains will make their appearance there will be a few ‘curveballs’ that will take us by surprise.



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