Birds Of Prey Film: Fan Casting Is On For All Major Roles Birds Of Prey Movie: Fan-Casting Every Major Role


The upcoming ensemble from Kathy Yan is about DC’s top female-led super-team which will release soon.

Yan joins the league of Patty Jenkins and Ava DuVernay as the leading female directors in DCEU, and although there is no clarity about what her movie will feature, the title is quite compelling. Birds of Prey – at least the comic book series was never about Harley Quinn, rather, based on a team of  DC superheroines.

The Chuck Dixon/Jordan B. Gorfinkel created Birds of Prey was powered by the writer Gail Simone at the start of the 2000s, and went on to become a popular series which stayed on the right up to the controversial 2011 reboot of DC. It is rated very highly, and now that the team is reportedly heading to the silver screen, fans are already busy debating about the casting choices and how to make it happen.

Whether it recasts the old popular characters or introduces new characters to the big screen, Birds of Prey has the potential of becoming one of the most crucial DC movies until now. We just hope it romps home perfectly.

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