Birds Of Prey Applies Strategy To Save The Movie


Birds of Prey is one of the best movies to come out of DC movies. If you don’t want to believe me then look at the amazing ratings it garnered over the course of its first week with the comic book and mainstream fans both extremely satisfied with the end product.

Though the opening of Birds of Prey is the lowest for any DCEU movie till date, it is a matter of extreme importance that it works. In the last two years both Marvel and DC achieved strides as far as their female superheroes is concerned with amazing movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. This movie was supposed to be the next step as it literally had no male characters on the positive or protagonist side of things. It was a movie about women and made by women. The cast and crew both heavily featured females. It took Black Widow appearing in supporting roles for 2 decades for us to get studios to begin trusting female led movies and anything could bring us back.

And more importantly this movie is not Catwoman, it is actually good but took some very poor marketing decisions such as the delay in producing critical score. Not giving enough focus on other characters in the movie except Harley Quinn and not amping the fact enough that DC finally got its villain right. Trust me Black Mask is horrible. His actions might be the reason this movie got the R Rating.

And the most glaring of all the R rating. The movie is missing a majority of its target demographic audience because of its rating. Now it feels that Warner Bros. is applying some strategy to get the movie back on track by changing its name to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey making the character of Margot centre who has given a fantabulous performance.


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