50+ Biology Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

popular biology jokes

Most amusing Stupid Jokes that are so imbecilic, will make you pee your pants. Well, it was a stunt question, and you truly don’t have to answer since we are not mistaken, we as a whole like inept jokes, entertaining statements, and moronic jokes.

Also, as much as we can imagine hearing these diverting jokes, we want to impart them to our loved ones all the time through informal communities, Keeping that in mind we have collected 50+ Biology Jokes That Will Make You Laugh!

These 50+ Biology Jokes goes on prove that regardless of how idiotic and moronic these jokes sound, we can never get enough of them. Some of them are essentially superior to other people, while some are more regrettable than anything you may have heard in your life. Just enjoy these 50+ Stupid Jokes and spread the vibe

Who realized scholars can be humorists too? This rundown of science jokes is certain enough to demonstrate this announcement!

Q: What is the quickest method to decide the sex of a chromosome?

A: Pull down its qualities.

Q: What do you call the pioneer of a science posse?

A: The Nucleus

Q: How would you make a hormone?

A: Don’t pay her.

Q: How would you tell the sexual orientation of an individual?

A: You pull there qualities down.

Q: Did you catch wind of the well-known microbiologist who went in thirty unique nations and figured out how to communicate in six dialects?

A: He was a man of numerous societies.

Q: What was the scientist wearing on his first date with a hot chick?

A: Designer pants.

Q: Why are men hotter than ladies?

A: You can’t spell hot without xy

Q: How is a canine and a sea life scientist the same? A: One sways a tail and different labels a whale.

Q: Why can’t a plant be on the dark side of the Force?

A: Because it can’t make nourishment without the light!

Q: What did one cell state to his sister cell when she stepped in his toe?

A: Mitosis

Q: How did the English major characterize microtome on his science test?

An: A very small book.

Q: What does DNA represent?

A: National Dyslexics Association

Q: What did the Endoplasmic Reticulum state to the Golgi?

An: I like your body, and the Golgi said it’s intricate.

Q: What do you flag down a taxi which gives sedate treatment?

A: Chemotaxis

Now you realize how unique Biology Jokes are? So spread the joy and vibe!

Q: Why are men sexier than women?
A: You can’t spell sexy without ‘xy’

best biology jokes

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Q. What does DNA stand for?
A. National Dyslexics Association

Helen Buttemer teaching Biology for Teachers

Q: What’s a pirate’s favorite amino acid?
A: Arrrrrr-ginine.

famous biology jokes

Q: What do you call the leader of a biology gang?
A: The Nucleus

funny biology jokes

Q: What is most commonly found in a cell?
A: A Criminal

popular biology jokes

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Q: What was the biologist wearing on his first date with a hot chick?
A: Designer genes

Q: What do you call a microbiologist who has visited 30 different countries and speaks 6 languages?
A: A man of many cultures

Q: Why didn’t the dendrochronologist get married?
A: All he ever dated was trees!

Q: What is the fastest way to determine the sex of a chromosome?
A: Pull down its genes

Q: How did the English major define microtome on his biology exam?
A: An itsy bitsy book

Q: How does Juliet maintain a constant body temperature?
A: Romeostasis

Q: What did one cell say to his sister cell when she stepped in his toe?
A: Ouch, Mitosis!

Q: What did the conservative biologist say?
A: The only cleavage I want to see is at the cellular level.

Q: Did you hear about the recycling triplets?
A: Their names are Polly, Ethel, and Ian.

Q: What did Gregor Mendel say when he founded genetics?
A: Woopea!

Q: What is a paramecium?
A: Two latin mice

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Q: What did the male stamen say to the female pistil?
A: I like your “style.”

Q: What do Biologists wear on their heads when playing Football?
A: Helminths

Q: Why couldn’t the plants escape prison?
A: Their cells were surrounded by walls.

Q: What’s do DNA helicase and perverts have in common?
A: They both want to unzip your genes

Q: What do you call a place of worship made out of amino acids?
A: A cysteine chapel!

Q: How do you know your dehydrated?
A: You can hear your red blood cells crenating

Q: What did the femur say to the patella?
A: I kneed you

Q: What washes up on beaches?
A: Nucleotides

Q: Where does a hippopotamus go to university?
A: Hippocampus

Q: What is the most reproductive area in South America?
A: Spermatagonia

Q: How do you make a hormone?
A: Don’t pay her

Q: What did the biologist couple name their twins?
A: One was Jessica and the other one was Control

Q: Do you want to hear a joke about Potassium?
A: K

Q: How many biologists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Four. One to change it and three to write the environmental-impact statement.

Q: How do you eat DNA-spaghetti?
A: With a replication fork.

Q: What do you call a faulty spirometer?
A: Expired!

Q: What do you call an oral hygiene product for the brain
A: Neural Crest

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Q: Where do they send the criminal neurons?
A: To the chain ganglion.

Q: Why is there no Asprin in the jungle?
A: Because the parrots-eat-them-all.

Q: What do you get when the moon pulls on a can of Pepsi?
A: A Peptide

Q: What kind of notebook does a dendrochronologist use?
A: A tree-ring binder.

Q: How do you recognize a native American cell biologist?
A: He lives in ATP

Q: What’s the difference between a dog and a marine biologist?
A: One wags a tail and the other tags a whale.

Q: What is the study of real estate?
A: Homology

“When you breathe, you inspire, and when you do not breathe, you expire.”

At the NIH (National Institute of Health), there is a sign on the door of a microbiology lab that reads “STAPH ONLY!”

Did you just mutate for a stop codon? Because you’re talking nonsense!

Biology is the only science in which multiplication is the same thing as division.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease.

A man accidentally ingested some alpha-L-glucose and discovered that he had no ill effect. Apparently he was ambidextrose.

The American Society of Otolaryngologists have a saying: “The way to a man’s stomach is through his esophagus.”

A bacteriologist is a man whose conversation always starts with the germ of an idea.

IAA is like Anakin Skywalker. It moves to the dark side.

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It has recently been discovered that research causes cancer in rats.

The bad news is that the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Amoebas is shrinking. The good news is that none of the amoebas has lost any of their members.


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