Billie Eilish’s Fandom finally settles on a name. But why is it Avocados?


Taylor Swift has Swifties, Selena Gomez has Selenators, Charli XCX has Angels and Billie Eilish has Avocado? In pop culture when any content or person becomes successful and in most of the cases gains legions of fans. One of the first things that comes to mind is, what will be the fandom called? Apart from the aforementioned celebrities we have Gleeks for Glee, Sherlockians for Sherlock, Human Beings for Community (yes sometimes it get very weird), Browncoats for Firefly (sometimes if you don’t know the show you might just go, what? ) and Potterheads for Harry Potter.

But to the surprise of many One of the biggest global phenomenon of the recent years (don’t even pretend that you don’t listen to lovely and six feet under and bawl your eyes out) Billie Eilish’s fandom does not have a name. It may be because of varied reasons. One for sure reasons could be that the singer herself didn’t ever show any interest towards giving her fandom any specific name. The other reason could be that the fandom is as unique as the singer herself and went to the no name route.

But seems like the fandom at least one social media account dedicated to the fandom came up with the name. Avocados. This post was made to encourage Eilish’s fandom to go buy and Stream Selena Gomez’s new album Rare. Everyone who doesn’t really follow the Eilish might find it weird. But this name does actually makes some sense. All the earlier names of Billie Eilish’s social media accounts had the name Avocado in it like her Instagram handle used to be @wherearetheavocados. These kind of names clearly point out towards her love for the fruit. So in a weird way it does make some sense.

But still the post in question made a lot of waves on twitter. Everyone started to speculate about it, even some in Eilish’s fandom were left confused. Any which way Selenators were thankful of the gesture and promised to return the favour, which they might be able to soon as it was recently announced that Eilish will be performing the title track for the new James Bond movie, No Time to Die.


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