Bhad Bhabie Roasted For A Giant Tattoo


The internet is at odds with each other again after what Bhad Bhabie did. Another colourful and huge tattoo was added to her original collection. The 16-year-old singer chose to get inked with a brightly coloured flower and butterfly. It is so huge that it covers her whole calf and even went sprawling down her foot.

 The rapper posted a short clip on instagram where we can see her getting her new tattoo. This was just days after she vehemently denied getting plastic surgery. Fans were quick to notice her changing looks and feature and couldn’t curb their curiosity.

Bhabie who originally went as Danielle Bregoli, already has sixteen tattoos matching her age. This new feat her fans divided. Some of them cannot seem to agree over the design she chose. 

 “That is the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen,” wrote one fan, while another said, “it looks like a 40 year old mom tattoo.” “What a sh*t f*cking tattoo,” wrote one user, while others called it “ugly” and “poorly done.”

 “No offence but that’s horrible it looks like someone did that with sharpie,” roasted one user, before pointing out Bregoli’s age, “I’m surprised someone would even risk their license to tattoo you.”

However, Bregoli’s fans soon came to her defence and admired the new tattoo. “Looking like a bhaddie as always,” said one, while another wrote, “This is cuteeee”.

 Bhabie already has better tattoos including a cherub on her arm and a rose on her ankle. Regardless of the public dispute, the singer is happy with the new addition.

 The ‘Gucci Flip Fops’ rapper was also in the news last week. She exposed 30-year-old boxer Adrien Broner when he slid into her DMs and messaged her inappropriately. Unsurprisingly, Broner faced major backlash. He defended his position by saying that he did not know the rapper’s age. According to Broner, Bregoli looks and acts much older than her real age. He threw some real shade when he called it “an honest mistake” and saying “nobody wants to date a kid”.  He went ahead to blame Instagram for “not having people’s age on their profile. I thought she was grown the way she out here moving.”


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