Bhad Bhabie Again Becomes A Subject Of Trolling Because Of Her Butt


After appearing on Dr. Phil life hasn’t been the same for Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Breggoli. She has gone through personal struggles but professionally she has achieved new heights. At only the age of 16 she has a makeup empire, a valid singing career and a reality show. But all of this have come with a ton of negatives too.

She recently took a break from social media because of the intense trolling she was going through. On a daily basis she was bombarded with hate messages saying she was copying ‘black culture’. She was also getting constant judgement on her personal life choice and appearance.

A few days ago she defended herself against trollers who accused her of having plastic surgery. She answered them back by saying that as she is growing up these changes will become visible and therefore she shouldn’t be the object of comments for that. She did it on twitter.

After a long break she came out and started posting on Instagram. She posted a photo of her on Instagram and was met with a flurry of comments blaming her for having a procedure done on her butt as they looked different and fuller.

People started to speculate that she took the break because of this procedure and her plea of mental peace got completely discarded.

But seems like this break and the diamonds she brought in the interim have completely reinvigorated her as she gave it back to her critics saying that she doesn’t care about their opinions.

Her personal life has also been in a frenzy as she recently spoke against her father for criticising her mother. She was also speculated to be in a relationship with Keef Boss after posting a photo of both of them together which also led to another round of criticism.


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